My Top 10 Newborn Tips for New Mums

My cousin just had a baby last week, and on writing her ‘Congratulations’ card, I couldn’t help but remember my first few weeks with my little one, how amazing yet utterly terrifying and tiring it all was, the randoms bursts of tears from myself, the constant worrying of ‘is he still breathing!’. So I wrote her my top 10 tips for life with a newborn, and I thought I would share it as it might help any new mums out there!

Top 10 Newborn Tips

1) Vaseline on baby’s bottom at each nappy change prevents nappy rash.

2) ‘Simple’ wipes are the best. 4 for £3.99 at Savers.

3) Giant muslins for swaddling help baby to sleep. You can get them from TK Maxx.

4) Keep Actimel in the fridge for when you are starving in the middle of the night and want something quick.

5) If you want to move to formula (which is okay!) Dr Brown’s bottles are the best for newborns.

6) Infacol before every feed helps with colic.

7) Nobody warned me about colic! If your baby gets it and cries for hours, take it in turns to hold baby so you each get a chance to eat, and remember it won’t last forever. The first 6 weeks/40 days are hard, then it gets so much better.

8) The Baby Whisperer book by Tracey Hogg was my lifesaver, it has all the answers and helped me get my boy to sleep through the night from 8 weeks.

9) Make it fun! I stayed at my parents in the 2nd week, and used to put my boy to sleep on my brother’s bed. Then my brother, my sister and I used to watch movies ’til midnight.

10) Find your local Chidren’s Centre (google it) – they will have baby groups where you can meet other new mums and you’ll feel sane again.

Of course this is just 10 – there is so much more I could write, but it could get overwhelming having so much information. Going with your instinct and learning as you go along is the best way. I hope this helps if you are a new mum, or if you already are a mum, do you have any great newborn tips to share?

A Cornish Mum

18 responses to “My Top 10 Newborn Tips for New Mums

  1. yes I recommend the last one. you might find one via your ante-natal, post-natal group. I iam still friends with the people I met 16 years ago !

    and buy in advance all those things that keep eg toilet rolls etc


    • 16 years, wow! Really shows how amazing these baby groups are!
      And yes good point to buy as much as possible in advance, then you don’t have to worry about it when you’re doing baby stuff. Thanks x


  2. I always had somewhere to go everyday when the Tubblet was tiny. Even if I decided not to go in the end, it meant I got washed, dressed and put some makeup on! Excellent tips.



  3. Your lucky friend!! I wish someone had written this in a card to me, could have saved some heartache! I love the idea of watching movies with my brothers too 🙂 Although I was always in bed around 8 – love my sleep 😉

    Thanks for linking up xx #TheList


    • Oh yes, she sent me a message thanking me, so I’m glad I helped – having a new baby was the scariest thing ever, so much to learn! Bed around 8 – your baby must have been a good sleeper!
      Thanks for hosting #thelist


  4. Great tips! I didn’t catch on to giant muslins until second baby – they’re amazing. My sister is having a baby this year & I am getting her giant muslins!


    • Thank you. Oh my, giant muslins are brilliant, we use them as a light blankie now in the hot summer months. TK Maxx do really pretty ones from the States, I saw some in there the other day! xx


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