Teaching a toddler to cross the road safely

Since Tyler turned age 3 a couple of months ago, he has been like a sponge absorbing new information, and he’s been a joy to teach. I love how he looks at me like I’m the queen of information – like mummy is amazing haha!

The first thing I taught him last month was how to cross the road safely at a pelican crossing. This has actually been the most useful thing, and again he really listened to me teaching him.

Teach toddler to cross road

Basically I taught him to stop way before the kerb when we reach a road (every time I have been saying very loudly ‘STOP’ so he gets the message!). I told him he has to press the button and we wait for the green man before we cross. When the green man comes, I say ‘Green means go!’, like they do in Paw Patrol. He has been loving this. He waits so patiently until the green man comes. I had to test my patience when the road was actually empty but a red man was still showing – we kept waiting so I was teaching Tyler the right thing!

Now Tyler is so eager to press the button at every pelican crossing that he sees and he waits for the green man. I do still keep a keen eye on him as he is only 3, I would never let him cross alone – but at least it helps that he understands crossing the road better and will be less likely to just run across a road now.

The next new thing I taught him last month was about money and shopping. It was actually inspired by another blog where a mum was teaching her 3-year-old about pocket money. It’s to teach from an early age that you can’t just see a toy in a shop and then have it, but also it can’t just depend on the parent’s good mood on whether you get the toy or not – that’s just sending mixed messages.

Teach toddler about money

Tyler’s grandma had given him ten £5 notes for his birthday which I’ve kept in an envelope for him. So on our trip into town, I brought one £5 for Tyler to choose a toy with. He always drags me to the toy section in TK Maxx, so I thought this was a good way to explain that we need to pay for things. So he chose the cutest little 4-pack of monster construction trucks which were £4.99. I said to him, we have to pay for this now. So we walked over to the tills and I let him hand over the £5 note to the cashier, and he put the 1p change in his coat pocket (so cute!). We put his purchase in his toy pushchair which he brings everywhere with him, and we walked home. He was so pleased with himself.

Interestingly, he hasn’t bugged me for any toys since, he just likes to look at them in the shops. So who knows, maybe he is grasping the concept of paying for things, or maybe he’s happy with what he’s got. It’s a start anyway.

It’s really been amazing to see how quickly he learnt things. Well apart from potty training (hah!) – that we will try again next month! What have you been teaching your little ones lately?

Sabrina x


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17 responses to “Teaching a toddler to cross the road safely

  1. Totally resonate with this post and S has learnt these 2 exact things in the last few months. His favourite purchase is the Gingerbread Men at Pret a Manger and he loves pressing the button at crossings. But like you said, because they are still 3, there are some days where he’ll say “green man, green man” and want to cross when cars are still flying by. Not great for my heart I tell you!!


    • Really, oh wow! It’s lovely to be able to teach them things now, makes life a lot easier than the pre age 3 years. But yes, I still keep a close eye on him when we cross the road, I know what you mean with your heart haha! xx

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  2. he looks so cute with his buggy! I’ve been teaching Elliot how to cross the road safely and he knows that he needs to wait for the green man, he loves pressing the button! I remember being taught the green cross code when I was in first school and we all got reflective bands for our coats – we thought we were the coolest 6 year olds around hah!


    • Aw that buggy come everywhere with us! We’ve been walking a lot more without his big pushchair, so it’s been really useful having him stop when he sees a road – otherwise walking would be a scary experience! That’s great you’ve taught Elliot too, must make you feel a bit safer crossing a road too. Thank goodness for the green man and the button, they think it’s a game! I remember the green cross code at school too – good times haha! xx


  3. thank you for sharing. agree that toddlers are like sponges when it comes to learning. showing them how to do things and letting them try for themselves is always a good way for them to learn. 🙂 #mummymonday


    • Yes I love it! So satisfying to teach him stuff and actually get a response. Aw that little pushchair comes everywhere with us. It’s really lasted a battering over the past 2 years! xx


  4. Ah what a great idea – love the shopping one especially as Monkey always wants everything he sees… so this would a great way to get him to appreciate thats not possible! Thanks for sharing 🙂 #toddlerapprovedtuesday


    • Thank you, I got the idea from another blog but I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it. It’s a good idea though, I guess they’re never too young to start learning xx

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  5. my little tattletale keeps telling my wife that I don’t stop at red lights. She hasn’t grasped the concept that its ok to take a right turn on a red light if nobody is coming. Kid should be able to pass the written part of a driving test by age 4 at this rate


  6. My guys love pressing the button at the traffic lights and paying at the tills, we have to do a lot of turn taking because there has been some major arguement’s and breakdowns because the other got their first!!

    Thanks for linking with #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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    • Thank you! Yes I’ve definitely found it more important since we’ve stopping using his buggy and he’s walking everywhere. Really helps having him stop at the roads, stops me freaking out! xx

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