Crazy about Japan! + Japanese Nappy Giveaway!


My husband and I have always been nuts about Japanese stuff, well anything from the Far East. Everything is so cute! I’ve got my crazy cute donut and mushroom cushion, and I bought G a Domo farting toy for one of his birthdays. We love Domo! We even stayed a few days in Japan Town in San Francisco during our honeymoon back in 2009. It was soooo cool. Why is there no Japan Town in the UK?!

Anyway, it has definitely been passed on to Tyler, whose favourite toy of all time is his green Shinkansen train that I had to buy from the Far East via ebay for £20! He is so obsessed with bullet trains, ever since he saw one in Thomas the Tank Engine magazine. One day we are going to have to take him to Japan so he can ride one! He also loves Tayo the bus from South Korea, so I bought him the toy garage and bus set from there – via eBay again. £65! It was his 3rd birthday, so I splashed out.

DSC03246 2

When I got an email asking me if I’d like to try out Japanese nappies, it wasn’t me who got excited… it was my husband! He was like YES DO IT! Lol.

I replied saying my baby isn’t actually due until June, but my best friend has a 3-month so she could try them out (You know, the baby that my boy met the other week). A few days later, a huge box from Amazon arrived, with the coolest pack of nappies inside.


There are two types – Moony Nappies and Moony Pants, and with the pants there are girl and boy versions. As my friend’s baby is a boy and is 11kg, they sent the boy ‘Moony Pants’ version in size L (9-14kg) which had 44 nappies inside.

I love the packaging, it’s just typical Japan, with cute cartoons and bright colours. Though everything is written in Japanese, you have to guess what it’s saying. I would suggest they put a sticker on it with English translation if this is being sold to the UK market. Still, I’m guessing it says elasticated, no leaks etc.


The first thing I noticed was how soft and thin the nappies were – these were the softest I have ever felt. There were 5 different designs on the nappies, and this was a Winnie the Pooh themed pack, but there were polka dot prints and train prints too. It’s elasticated at the waist, so the image is a bit squashed, but it’s a nice touch.


As this is a ‘Pants’ version, there are no sticky side tabs to do the nappy up on the baby. It’s elasticated, so you slip it on like you would with pants. The nappy looked larger than my friend’s usual nappies (she uses Mamia ones from Aldi usually), but once we got it on her baby, it was actually a perfect fit. The nappy is so soft, and it gently wrapped around baby’s waist. The elastic around the leg was a perfect fit too, and very soft. We figured the part with the sticky tab was the back of the nappy.


To take off the nappy, she had to tear the sides, which was quite easy to do. Then she rolled it and pulled the sticky blue tab to tie it up and then dispose.

I let her try it out for a few weeks before I wrote this review. And she said she’s really impressed with them, she’s had no leaks. So even though the nappy is thin, it holds everything in, which is great.

The only slight problem is that as her boy gets older (he’s now 4 months), he’s more wriggly with his legs, so it’s getting trickier to get the nappy one, especially when he’s trying to grab his foot. So she’d probably opt for the ‘Nappies’ version rather than the ‘Pants’ version. Plus she wishes it wasn’t £20 as that is a bit pricey. Apart from that, it gets a thumbs up.

So there you have it, Japanese nappies that you can buy in the UK! It’s sold via Amazon through or

And that’s not all, I am giving one lucky reader that chance to:


That’s right, you can try out a pack on your own baby! There are five sizes, so if you win, you just tell me which size, and if you choose pants which gender you need:

Nappies: Newborn – up to 5kg , Small – 4-8kg, Medium – 6-11kg, Large – 9-14kg
Nappies or Pants – Girl or Boy: Large – 9-14kg, BL – 12 – 17kg

To enter, CLICK HERE

Good luck!

Closing date is Midnight Sunday 17th April, open to UK residents only.

The nappies were supplied to us by but all words, opinions and images are my own (and my friend’s opinions who tested them out).

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32 responses to “Crazy about Japan! + Japanese Nappy Giveaway!

  1. These look great. Amelia’s out of nappies now bht still great to hear about new brands! I personally never got in with be pull up style nappy when Amelia was smaller but I bet the nappy ones would be great! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Yes me too, I love trying out different brands, especially after they stopped selling Huggies in the Uk. I want a choice when my baby no. 2 comes! Xx


  2. How cool does that train set look. So different. I keep hearing a lot of very good things about this nappies from people. I like the fact they have a few different designs x


  3. I have read a few reviews about these Nappies and they sound great, but a tad on the pricey side, I would love to try them though to see if they are worth the money!


  4. I was offered to review these nappies and didn’t realise they did pull ups! Lamb is potty trained but wears a pull up at bedtime. I’ve heard great things about these from other bloggers. Wish I had tried them now! Xx


  5. These actually sound pretty good I have to say. I have seen them popping up on my twitter feed over the last few weeks/months and I think I may have had an opportunity to review them, but our little one is out of nappies now so it didnt make sense to. I love that I’ve read this review though as they actually sound like one worth trying if the opportunity ever comes up again 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #MarvMondays. Emily


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