What Honey Nut Wore : Zara Jumper Dress

So I’ve turned into a Zara fanatic when it comes to baby clothes for Honey Nut. We now go to Windsor every Friday for Storytime at the library, we’ve started to dress up a bit more (they are well posh in Windsor!) and there’s a Zara store off the High Street that I can’t resist going into. This is not going to be good for my bank balance.

Anyhoo, this is my first purchase from the store, I just fell in love with it. The shade of pink, the checked skirt. It’s an all in one, so it’s a faux skirt attached to the hem of the jumper. Which makes it really easy to put on a baby, just slip it over a bodysuit. And it cost £12.99, which isn’t too bad for an upmarket store.


I put Honey Nut in it this week and my heart just melted, she’s so gorgeous in it! A proper girly girl 😀


I got the dress in size 3-6 months, which is a perfect fit on her (she’s nearly 5 months) – the jumper is a loose fit so very comfortable for Honey Nut, and it’s a light material, not heavy at all – perfect for a baby.


Of course I had to take 50 billion photos of her 😉


Dress : Zara, £12.99 | Leggings : Next (from Choice), £1.50 | Socks : Next, £5 (3-pack)


I teamed the dress with dark blue leggings and her only plain socks which are white. I thought it would look nice with tights, but the tights I have are too long so bunch up along her legs – I have 2-6 month ones from H&M. If anyone knows where’s the best place to get baby tights that are a good fit, do let me know!

Sabrina x


18 responses to “What Honey Nut Wore : Zara Jumper Dress

    • Oh I don’t blame you, the baby boys section is soooooo cute! I wish my boy Tyler would still fit into them but he’s in the older boy size which is a bit blah! x


  1. Eek! How did I miss this little beauty of a dress on the Zara website?! Love the colour and the grid underlay. She looks so sweet in it 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle – sorry for my rubbish commenting recently, life’s been a bit tough! X

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    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it. Ahh don’t be silly, I have no idea how you are blogging and vlogging with everything going on with your life, you’re amazing. I really hope things get better for you soon, I really hope so xxx


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