Slough – it’s not so bad

This series is about all the good things about Slough that you might never have known about! It is from a family point of view, so it will mostly be things to do with children. There will be a new post every week.

Click a picture to read the post:

why-you-should-go-shopping-in-slough-berkshire baby-group-and-activities-in-slough-berkshire wexham-park-hospital-birth-centre-tour














Indoor activities:

activus soft play slough









Free-Lego-Duplo-Kids-Play-Activity-Curve-Slough-Berkshire  Jungle-Run-Birthday-Party-Montem-Leisure-Centre-Childrens-Kids-Slough-Berkshire







Outdoor Activities:

Black Park and Langley Country Park, Sloughherschel park slough berkshire burnham beechescopasfarmSalt-Hill-Park-Play-Area-Slough












Places to eat/drink:

Krispy Kreme Slough  Harris + Hoole, Slough, Berkshirethe-cafe-slough-tesco







Secret Slough:

Slough-station   the-old-underground-kingfisher-pub-secret-sloughfirst-zebra-crossing-slough-1951







Neighbouring Towns:

Norden farm, Maidenhead Beach, Berkshire  HomeSense Taplow







Please note: 
I have NOT been paid to write this series, these are my real, genuine opinions and experiences from living in this town for the past year. (But if you want to pay me, please feel free 😀 )

Note from Tyler:     lkdfd  mmjjkkkk,l,,mnb n m    mmmm,…..///..,;.;l;≥≥..mjuujhjj

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