Slough High Street Then and Now

Every High Street has a past, and that includes Slough. In this post you will find loads of before and after photos of the shops in Slough High Street. Inspired by a photograph I saw inside the Daniel store labelled ‘Slough 1935 – 1956’, immediately I thought, was there really a Daniel store in Slough?? For those of you who aren’t familar with Daniel, it is a huge department store in Windsor that is 100 years old this year. It really is a part of Windsor. But the Slough branch, that got me intrigued.


I don’t recognise this store front from today’s High Street at all, so I suspect it may have been demolished when the Queensmere shopping centre was built in the 1970s. I asked in a local facebook group if anyone remembered the store, even though you would have to be in your 70s at least to be old enough to remember it.

A number of people said it is now Debenhams, but some say that would have been Suters at that time. Some say it was on the Crown corner (now the shops next to The Curve). Others say it was down an alleyway that led to the Cat Ballou Club, which was demolished when the Queensmere Observatory shopping centre was built. I had a look at some local history books at the library and I couldn’t see anything that resembles the above photo.

The Daniel photo got a lot of interest on Facebook, so I thought I’d share some before and after photos I did when we first moved to the area.

This building at 210 – 216 High Street was originally a Waitrose before becoming a Sainsbury’s. Recently it was a 99p store, then Poundland no.2 and now the store is vacant.


BHS – I still can’t believe this brand has gone from the UK high street. Slough’s branch was at 204-208, and currently vacant.


In the below photo, I had always thought the buildings had character, even if the shopfronts themselves were brash. Though it looks like even in the 1970s, there were vacant shops then.


At 190-192 was my favourite shop, Woolworths. And that is now Poundland and JD Sports.


At number 188, what is now Select was River Island, and back in the 80s it was Texas Instruments and Hall of Cards. And before that it was the Eagle pub.


Now on to the outside of the Queensmere shopping centre, Poundworld used to be Littlewoods.


Debenhams at 115 – 161 High Street used to be Owen Owen (I think it was an Allders in between).


And before that is was Suters Department Store. You can see M&S to the left, now sadly vacant.


Virgin Media at 141 was H Samuel. Halifax at 145 was Burton. And before that, H Samuel and Dudd & Co was a pub call The Reindeer Inn.


Starbucks at 146-149 in is a rebuilt building, but it has been built exactly how it used to look. It used to be an Etam store.


And then at the forgotten end of the High Street where Wetherspoons and all those estate agents are, well here is a before and after.


I hope you found that interesting. If you used to go shopping in Slough, do you remember any of the stores in the photos?

Sabrina x


6 responses to “Slough High Street Then and Now

  1. Ah I used to love Slough high street when I was there about 10 years ago. So much change!! And I remember Etam so well from my childhood. I think I still have some vest tops from there!


    • What were you doing here 10 years ago?! Yes the stores are completely different, that’s why I find it so interesting that the actual buildings are the same. I used to love Etam, well Tammy Girl when I was skinny enough lol!


  2. certaintly remember those shops from growing up in slough during the 70s & 80s.
    we used to do our weely shop on a friday in sainsburys & waitrose opposite, which eventually was knocked down to make way fot the observatory shopping centre.
    also fosters where i got my upton grammar school uniform from back in the day.
    my older sister worked as a saturday girl in etams & also later started work in nat west bank further up the high st (towards langley direction) which last time i went back i think was now a nandos.
    i aslo remember the macdonalds (which i think is still there) being one of the 1st in the country so big excitement for all us kids, not sure what year, but remember going to a friends birthday party there when we were about 7, so that would be 1976 or 77.

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  3. I grew up in Maidenhead and my grandparents lived in Langley, we shopped in Slough regularly. I remember being bought party dresses at Suters, also going to see Santa there. Later when I was in my early teens C&A was the place to buy clothes (think it was where Wilko is now). That forgotten end of the High Street – the Green Shield Stamp place was up there & I remember going to get my Bionic Woman doll there!! There was also a lovely Italian ice cream place. Also not forgetting the Fulcrum theatre, went to see several shows there and it was the first place I saw any live ballet. Bit of a shame poor old Slough high st is so run down now.

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