Behind the Scenes at the Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge

I have been waiting 2 months to write this post, and finally the time is here! Back in August, I took part in the Christmas Tree Challenge for Style at Home magazine, to be featured in their Christmas issue. When I got an email from the team asking if I wanted to take part, I jumped at the chance! I LOVE Christmas! And to dress a tree, I am the expert!

Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge 2015-4

For my first job after uni, I was in the Events Department at Woolworths HO, and I had to dress all the Christmas trees in each director’s office! I was so honoured ๐Ÿ˜€ The Christmas Tree buyer showed me exactly how to dress them, there were steps – you don’t just chuck the decs on! So I felt I was exactly the right person to dress a tree for this Style at Home shoot!

There were 6 readers taking part in the challenge, and each was teamed with a well-known High Street retailer to dress their tree and take part in a photo shoot. It took part over 3 days, and I was the first on Day 1.

Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge 2015-5

I was told to arrive at an address in London. It was on a residential street, and from the outside it just looked like someone’s home. A rather grand home at that. I thought, have I come to the right place?? I knocked on the door, and as soon as it opened, I knew it was the right place – suddenly it was Christmas in August! The Style at Home team were so welcoming, I felt at ease straight away. The rooms were being dressed and we were just waiting for the decs to arrive.

I went downstairs and had to wrap loads of boxes in my retailer’s theme to go under my tree. I was in heaven, it was ribbons, bows and strings galores – every crafter’s dream!

Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge 2015

Next thing you know, it was time for me to go upstairs and start dressing my tree! There was a table of decs, and so many cutie ones to choose from! I won’t reveal the name of my retailer or the theme – you’ll have to buy the mag to find out! – but maybe you can guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge 2015

And here was my fellow reader’s decs in the next room – can you guess which retailer?

Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge 2015

I really enjoyed dressing my tree, and it was actually me doing the whole thing my way! Then I got changed into my photo shoot outfit – I chose my favourite dress, the blue one with hedgehogs on it – and I got posing. Now I’m normally behind the camera, so for me this was such a new thing, to be in the limelight. It was so strange! Luckily the photographer was amazing and really made me feel at ease, so that I wasn’t nervous and it was really fun!

Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge 2015

We had lunch afterwards and then I had to do a little video interview for their website – now that was nerve-wracking! Then I was done, so I watched the other reader do her tree and helped packed things away. We all had dinner in the evening and I met the other readers and PRs – everyone was so friendly and we all got along. All us readers added each other on Facebook to stay in touch, it was so nice to meet people I got along with straight away and had something in common with – a love of interiors!

When I got home, I felt like the whole experience was a magical fairytale dream! I was like, did that really happen?! I had to keep looking at my photos to convince myself it wasn’t a dream!

So now the time is finally here, the Style at Home issue that I am featured in is out on shelves next week! It’s out Wednesday October 28th – so buy an issue if you’d like to see the finished trees and which retailers they are from. I’ll probably be buying 10 copies, hah!

Sabrina x
Home Etc

39 responses to “Behind the Scenes at the Style at Home Christmas Tree Challenge

  1. I think I would have been in Christmas tree heaven if I had been there! What an amazing experience! I will definitely be buying the magazine next week. Xxx #HomeEtc


  2. I love decorating our tree and house for christmas. We never have a theme we just have an anything goes kinda look


  3. That sounds like a fantastic experience, lucky you! Well done on being chosen, I’d say you had a brilliant time. I absolutely adore Christmas and honestly can’t wait till I can start talking about it so I love this post ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Wow that is an amazing project, I love Christmas and decorating the tree. I will certainly be after a copy of the magazine next week. #HomeEtc


  5. Awesome!! What a fab day!! I got asked recently to do a similar thing for Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas but totally bottled it โ€” being shot for a mag is one thing but I don’t want to be on the TV!!! SO scary!

    Can’t wait to see your finished tree in the magazine pet โ€” well done you!! Great job! Thanks so much for linking up with us on #HomeEtc


    • Oh wow Kirstie’s Handmade Xmas – how awesome! But you’re right, being filmed is the most nerve-wracking thing – my mind went blank just for this little video we did! I can’t wait to see the mag too – ahhh! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Awww amazing!!
    What a brilliant experience ๐Ÿ˜€ You look so cute in your first photo, I love seeing ladies with bows in their hair… I always used to wear one LOL
    I need to find the magazine to have a look ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x


    • Aw thank you, I’ve always had a flower clip or a bow in my hair since as long as I can remember – feel weird without one on! The mags out 28th Oct, hope you like it! xx


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