About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Sabrina, a 30-something mum to a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. I’m married to this guy called Ganesh who I met at Woolworths many years ago. We moved from Brixton to Berkshire 5 years ago, as we wanted our children to grow up outside of London. I used to work in Marketing for Barbie, but 10 years ago I retrained to do something I really love, so I am now a graphic designer.


I started off this blog in January 2015 to share my makeovers to rooms and vintage furniture, and I wanted a place to share photos of my cutie boy’s outfits – I love dressing him up. It has now expanded to be about my life with the children, the activities we get up to, places we visit. My whole pregnancy journey has been included, plus baby updates and parenting tips. The blog now features regular posts to show the good in our new neighbourhood of Slough.


As well as interiors, design and creating things, I have a passion for old buildings and architecture, and finding hidden beauty in urban places – so I do post photos of interesting places I have visited. In particular I am obsessed with Woolworths and the history of their buildings which are still on the High Street even though the chain has closed down. I write a sister blog about this called Woolies Buildings – Then and Now.

If you want to know me a bit better, have a read of my 7 facts from my ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ here.

Do get in touch, I love to hear from readers or companies – be it to share your feelings about the blog, suggest a topic or product to look at on the blog or offer me a lifetime supply of chocolate. Go on, send me a message!

Sabrina x


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