About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Sabrina, mum to Tyler (9) and Lily (4) and we live in Slough. I’m married to Ganesh, who I met at Woolworths many years ago. We moved from Brixton to Berkshire 7 years ago, as we wanted our children to grow up outside of London.

The Mummy Stylist Family Photo

The Blog

I have been writing my blog since January 2015. I called it The Mummy Stylist as I’m a mum and I liked styling my home and styling my kids! The blog has evolved to so much more since then, but I’ve kept the name as even my kids call me “The Mummy Stylist”.

Today you will find inspiration on days out, days in, and useful information about my hometown of Slough, Berkshire and the surrounding area. This is supported by my hashtag #sloughitsnotsobad over on Instagram (@sloughitsnotsobad).

My son Tyler is a huge fan of the London Underground, and he has an Instagram page called @tubetrainkid, where we are documenting our challenge to visit all 270 tube stations (currently on pause due to the pandemic). We have been featured on Transport for London, and Tyler has been interviewed live on BBC Radio Berkshire.

What I Love

A creative person by heart, I have a passion for photography, art and travel in the UK, and I absolutely love Instagram – which is where you’ll mostly find me (I’m @themummystylist on there). I am trained in graphic design and have had many cool jobs in the past, including my dream position in brand marketing for Barbie. I am really interesting in history and I also call myself retail historian. I have a second successful blog called Woolies Buildings – Then and Now where I am documenting the history of all 1200 past stores.

If you would like to discuss working with me on a blog feature, please do get by email on themummystylist@gmail.com or on any of my social channels. You can see all of my past PR collaborations here. Thank you for reading!

Sabrina x

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