French is a beautiful language

I’ve been to a boat party at last! For once i was double-booked. That evening was Ally’s birthday party (her 30th!) at a place called Jerusalem just off Charlotte Street (such a cool name for a street). I wouldn’t recommend going there, it was so packed, I was scared to fight my way to the ladies for fear of body contact. Ew. Went to see Hai afterwards – she had borrowed her landlord’s boat in St Katherine’s Dock, Tower Hill. I have decided I want a boat now, it was AMAZING. It has its own little kitchen, and an adorable little double bedroom and another room with 4 little bunk beds!

Saturday night we celebrated Marylou’s 25th and Jason’s sister, samantha’s brithday. She’s 32 but doesn’t look it! We went to Tiger Tiger, and we danced the night away. The pics show a man who we thought was chatting Lou up, but it turns out he was gay and was asking Lou where she got her outfit from! Then there is Jason and Umar, they live on G’s street, and there is me and Jason’s sister. Met with Zu afterwards as he was in Trafalgar Square for his mates’ birthdays, and he drove us home (much better than the night bus!) 

Tiger Tiger 3 Tiger Tiger 2 Tiger Tiger 1

Sunday me and Angie went to Uxbridge, as it was 30% colleague discount weekend at Woolies, and as I’m hoping to leave there soon, this may be one of our last chances to take advantage. We bought CDs, stationery and a faux fur throw. Then mum and dad used the discount, and they got bedsheets and saucepans. See the difference in our shopping baskets! Uxbridge was taken over by a Russian carnival that day, there were men playing accordions, stalls and a dance-off thing. But my eye was caught by a very sad thing. My darling shop Birthdays where I worked for 3 years, it’s gone! Everything inside had gone, except for the chewing-gum stained carpet. A sign said T-Mobile were refurbishing it. I never felt so sad before, as I have a lot of happy memories there, I looked in the window and I felt the ghosts of the past whoosh through.

I’ve noticed a lots of girls are wearing mustard yellow clothes lately. The grossest sight was at Paddington, I saw an Asian girl with these hideous yellow opaque tights on and a little skirt. It made her legs look like they were dipped in curry. Why would you want to do that?? I still am traumatised by the taunts at primary school regarding Asians and curry. They used to sing ‘We all live in a yellow submarine’ but replace ‘submarine’ with ‘Sabrina’. And Jude said, ew there would be curry inside. And they all laughed. Of course I said nothing, cos nothing ever came out of my mouth in those days. But I never forget.

I’ve been quite depressed at work, as its the usual last minute xmas panic at Woolies, even though there’s been a year to plan it. AARGHH! But I was soothed this morning when an adorable little mixed-race boy sat next to me on the top deck of the U4. He must have been about 3 or 4, and he was pretending to drive the bus, as all the little kids do, and he was speaking French to his mummy! It was so so so cute, his voice was so squeaky and soft, and the language sounded so beautiful, I could have listened to him natterering away all day.



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