The last day in the Portsmouth house

So sad.
But first I have to share this – I saw a Pucca plane at Amsterdam airport. How amazing is that?!  I want to fly on this plane!

 Pucca Plane

So yesterday was our last family get-together in the Portsmouth house, as well as the first one in absolutely aaaaaaaages. Its sad, cos a house is full of childhood memories, and now it will be someone else’s house. But that has already happened in a way with babies and all that. Here’s the last picture of me and my fave cousins in the back garden. We are all wearing Oasis tops – Gunwharf shopping centre is AMAZING!!!

This is an action shot of being freaked out by some sort of bug on the ground.

Portsmouth2 Portsmouth3

Here is Henry and Shanti: 


And baby Zaki:
And the last picture in front of the house!  



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