The most colourful street in the world…

Pretty houses in a Brighton street
taken as we were wandering through the cool backstreets to find the station
I want the pink house.

The Arcade Halls of Residence, Holloway Road

Randomly, Helen’s birthday night out on Friday happened to by at the pub underneath my old halls, which totally freaked me out. Next month, September, is exactly 10 years since I moved into these halls and started my life! I have not been there in 9 years, and it looks exactly the same! I thought the bricks might look a bit more worn out  or something. Allied Carpets is still underneath, and the Nag’s Head is now Big Red, a place full of Camden-esque scary-looking people with tattoos and stretched ear-lobes, all very pleasant none-the-less. The walls are covered with pictures of bearded red-necks and boobed ladies. Quite strange. Anyway, I was so freaked out that I used to live upstairs, and here I was 10 years later, and I am exactly where I want to be, amazingly. I had no idea what I was going to do with me life when I was at UNL, and now I have a wonderful ‘fiancee’, an amazing job with Barbie – the brand I loved at uni, and I have a beautiful car.

The Safeway we used to shop at is now Morrisons (when I say we, really it was Taz, and the rest of us threw stuff in her trolley – 9p Safeway economy bread! I loved the chocolate mini cheesecake tubs, no one does them anymore!)
James Selby is still there, I bought my pink flower quilt cover from there. And the M&S where I bought stripy tights aged 13-14 and fitted into them. I miss them days!

Back from the party, me and G were on the N207 at the front seats on the top deck (best seats!), and we fell asleep. Woke up somewhere after Ealing to see a bus directly in front of us, with a gang of about 20 ‘street’ gangsta chavs staring at us through the back window of their bus. They looked like something out of a music video! Only it turns out they were saying something to the 3 girl chavs on our bus. One was screeching in that teenage accent ‘Oh my god there’s 20 of them, they’re saying to get on their bus. Oh they’re getting off, they’re getting on our bus’
I was like no way! Noooooooooooooo! I guess our bus driver realised too, because he just drove straight past them, so this gang was stuck at the bus stop. HA HA HA! That made my night!


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