My fun-tastic week!

Okay I have finally got around to writing my blog, have done far too many cool things last week!
MON: Went to be in the audience of the Wall with Ganesh at the BBC. Alexa Chung is far too skinny.
TUES:  Holby City, duh!
WED: Telly night with Lou – Gossip Girl, The Apprentice and Desperate Housewives!
THUR: Checked out Debenhams Blue X Sale – it was CRAP
FRI: Went to be in the audience of the T4 Nokia Green Room at Hammersmith Riverside Studios with G, Zu and Lou! Free music, we saw The Feeling, JAY SEAN (HA HA HA!!!!), One Night Only (Zu shouted out they should b revising for their GCSEs and the whole audience joined in!!!) and Ronnie Syze.
SAT: Saw our first wedding venue – C and L Country Club in Northolt. This is when we realised that the outside of the venue DOES matter!
SUN: It snowed in the morning so me and Angie quickly made a snowman!

April Snowman

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