6 weeks | Baby No. 1

argh it’s killing me keeping this a secret, and it’s only been 2 weeks. Still so glad, no miscarriage so far, i’m so happy i want to scream, all i keep thinking about is baby stuff. i’ve been so ridiculously moody, it’s like having permanant pmt, anything and everything seems to annoy me, i’m having trouble sleeping – which has never happened to me before. normally i can sleep through ANYTHING. it’s really annoying, i feel so tired in the day because of it. anyway i googled it and apparently its normal not to be able to sleep cos of all the things happening in my body, so i’ve just got to be relaxed when i go to sleep and have no caffeine. so no diet coke in the evenings i guess. i keep needing to pee too, really annoying, especially when the office loos stink so bad it makes me gag, ARGH!!!!


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