January 15th – New Years Resolutions start today!

A couple of years ago, my husband told me that people who start new years resolutions on the 1st Jan are less likely to stick to them than people who start later in the month. So that year for some reason we picked the 15th Jan to start our ‘lose weight’ resolution and it worked! So we are doing the same for 2015. I read somewhere that if you keep them to yourself, you also won’t stick to them, so I am going to share them – here goes:

1) Lose weight – I want to fit in my size 10 dresses again – so healthy diet, less snacking on junk and exercise everyday
2) Take my makeup off every night – and generally take better care of my skin
3) Take a cod liver oil tablet everyday – less creaky knees 😛
4) Get the boy off his dummy
5) Potty train the boy before he is 3
6) Take the boy abroad (he has never been on a plane)
7) Start my design blog (TICK!)
8) Make myself take the boy to his local playgroup regularly and get to know the local mums
9) Less random impulse purchases, more budgeting

Nine’s enough right? What were your new year’s resolutions, and are you sticking to them? 😉


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