My Pink Roberts Radio Makeover

I had always wanted a pink Roberts digital radio – there’s something so retro and cool about it. So when my husband and I received loads of wedding cash as gifts back in 2009, I promptly purchased one. It looked awesome for a few years. Then suddenly, the pink leather started peeling off and it began to look rather shabby.


The radio still worked, so we kept it with the skin peeling off. Last year I had enough of looking at it. I picked all the pink off (that was kind of satisfying, even with it all getting stuck under my fingernails :-P) – that left a lovely blank canvas material underneath.

I went to Hobbycraft and bought some bright buttons. They come in little packs for £1, and have different themes if you’re not into bright colours. I bought 2 packs.


Using some superglue that was lying around at my mother-in-law’s house, I started glueing the buttons on. Now I had to use my design eye for this, spacing out big buttons and small buttons, spreading the colours out – you just have to play around with where you place the buttons before you glue them down, until it looks right. I put superglue on the back of each button and then held down. Your fingers will get superglue on them – be warned! I used nail polish remover to get it off. I left a lot of canvas material showing, as I think it looks like a piece of art this way. And here is my work of art:

revamped radio

What do you think? Do you want to have a go? Go on!

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10 responses to “My Pink Roberts Radio Makeover

  1. Oh I much prefer your button version. I’m shocked about the paint peeling off though, especially considering how pricey those radios were/are.


    • Thank you so much. You’re right, it is terrible about it peeling off, it’s like a £100 radio! First we thought it was Tyler picking the leather off, but now I’ve come across 2 other mums with the same problem, and we all have pink. Really strange. Oh well! xx


  2. You clever thing!! One of mine is peeling too — I keep meaning to try and cover it in fabric. It would be quite a cool project, that’s for sure! You’ve inspired me!! 😉 x Thanks so much for linking up and sharing on #HomeEtc

    Caro |


    • Yours too?! You’re the third person I’ve heard have this problem – quite terrible for a £100 radio! Luckily we are all creative people 🙂 Glad I inspired you, go get creative! xx


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