50s Bedside Cabinet Makeover

Here is another one of my parent’s neighbour’s treasures that my mum was going to give to the charity shop. But I recognised the feet – this was an authentic bedside cabinet from the 1950s! ‘STOP MUM!’ I said. I made her keep it in the garage until I was ready to give it a makeover.


I did the makeover the same time as the Neon Tables which I posted about last month. Again I wanted a modern and bright look. These are the products I used:


This is how to do the makeover:

1) Clean the bedside cabinet and then sand down the edges. Unscrew the door and the door handle.
2) Paint the inside of the top section neon pink using Rust-o-Leum Neon Paint. I used a mini roller and a smaller brush for the corners. I did 2 coats.
3) Paint the rest of the cabinet and both sides of the door grey all over, using Wilko Quick Dry Satin Paint. I used a mini roller and small brush for this, and 2 coats. It really is quick to dry. Make sure you are in a ventilated area though, the smell is strong.
4) Roller the inside edge of the door neon yellow using Rust-o-Leum Neon Paint. 2 coats.
5) Once dry, screw the new Button Door Knob in. I used the existing hole in the door from the old handle.
6) Screw the door back on to the cabinet.

And hey presto!


Do you like it? It certainly matches our Pop Art styled apartment. Do you have any vintage treasures that you have bought or want to bring up-to-date?


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15 responses to “50s Bedside Cabinet Makeover

  1. It looks great – and I love that door knob, so funky. It’s nice to give old pieces of furniture one last chance before they head off to the charity shop isn’t it? (and good for the wallet too) #HomeEtc


  2. Love this Sabrina! I’m SUCH a fan of Wilko too — you can get all sorts of surprising stuff in there! I’m looking for a little cabinet like this for one of our guest rooms — I wish I had a neighbour that was chucking one out!! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


    • Thank you! Yes it’s surprising, they do really cool stuff in their home department, and good value for money too. Haha, I was lucky I got to it before my mum gave it away, it’s a part of our home now 🙂 xx


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