Here’s what we did with the Valentine’s crafts…

In case you were wondering what happened with the crafty bits and bobs I found around the house, here’s what we did:

Tissue Paper and Wrapping Paper – I cut hearts out which we used as table decorations, on our handmade cards and on the bunting.
Ribbon – Used for bunting, and on these little bottle table decorations I made.
Buttons – used on the handmade cards

v-day decs

v-day bunting

All this cost nothing, as it was all leftover stuff! And to stick with the budget theme, we had heart-shaped cheesy beans on toast for dinner 😀

v-day beans

I dressed the boy in red too, for our afternoon wandering around the shopping centre.

Top: River Island Mini – £10
Jeans: M&S Outlet – £4.50

v-day outfit

Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day too. It’s all a bit of fun and we like not taking it too seriously. Did you do anything handmade or crafty for the day?


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