Weekend Style

This weekend the boy was bugging us to take him on a train. All of Saturday morning I heard ‘Lets go train! Lets go train!’. He had his shoes ready from 6 in the morning :-$

So we took him for a trip into London to Southbank. As our tube carriage was empty, mummy and daddy did a quick impromptu photo shoot! I did a bit of playing around on Photoshop to make them look a bit pop-arty (the photos were already blurry because of the moving train):


Coat – M&S
Scarf – Osprey from TK Maxx
Leggings – New Look
Boots – TK Maxx

Coat – Jeff Banks at Debenhams
Scarf – TK Maxx
Jeans – Next
Trainers – Puma

Here’s daddy and son at the Southbank Centre in their matching jumpers.


Jumper – Zara
Jeans – M&S
Shoes – Next

Jumper – H&M
Jeans and Trainers – as above

TOP TIP: Finding somewhere to eat is always a nightmare with our little one, as he hates sitting in enclosed spaces – ie any restaurant. Well we discovered the perfect solution at Waterloo station. You can eat at the Balcony which overlooks the station, where there are a selection of shops, restaurants and a bar. The boy got to watch the trains and we all got to eat in peace – problem solved 😀



4 responses to “Weekend Style

  1. Haha i love those photos! What time was it for the tube to be that empty?! I work on the Southbank and often think I should take Zach up there. He asks to go on a train every day haha! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


    • It must have been a freak thing, the tube is never empty usually, and this was on a Saturday afternoon around 1! Your Zach sounds like my boy, every morning he wakes and says ‘Lets go train now’ and gets his shoes ready! The thing is, we live opposite a train station, he could just look out the window!


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