Make your own Easter Bunny Bunting

In keeping with the bunny theme, I had an idea to make some bunny bunting – using leftover pink wrapping paper – to get into the Easter mood. And it costs nothing if you just use what you have at home.

You will need:
* coloured paper * marker pen * scissors * ribbon * a holepunch *

1) I googled an image of a bunny I liked, and then practiced drawing it with a black Sharpie pen.

2) I folded my spare pink wrapping paper sheet into nine, and then drew a bunny face on each square. I made each bunny slightly different, the direction of the ears etc.

3) I cut out each bunny.

bunny bunting1

4) I had this pack of ribbons from Poundland at home. But they were only 1m long each, so I chose a 3m pink ribbon I had leftover from my Valentine’s bunting. You could also use embroidery thread, or ordinary string.

5) I put a hole punch in each ear and then threaded the ribbon through.

6) And hey presto – after threading all 9 bunnies, the bunting was complete, and I have hung up in our living room.

bunny bunting2

So there you have it, Easter bunting for free. The one I made is very pink, as I do love pink – but for a more Easter feel, use yellows and greens. Go on, have a go if you’re bored and in a crafty mood!



6 responses to “Make your own Easter Bunny Bunting

  1. Ahh this is really cute! I think I’m going to have lots of Easter crafty bits left over from the Easter bonnet so I might have a go at making some bunting with Elsa too!


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