Date Night: Half Price Sushi and a Rant at the World!

Thank goodness for Friday! I was waiting for this day to end. The night before, I had slept in my contact lenses by mistake, so on Friday my eyes were so sore – the sunlight hurt them, the screen hurt them, ugh, it was awful. There was a guy from IT leaving, so the whole team were off to the pub. What is it about someone leaving, you must get drunk. Anyway, I decided to meet my hubby after work as I hadn’t seen him for 2 days. He had to work a bit late, so I had a wander around Oxford St. A bit of window shopping and admiring architecture. This building on top of Boots caught my eye, very geometric. Boots, Oxford Street I had a look in H&M as I love their kiddie T-shirts for my boy. On the upper floor you are led in to this little oasis – H&M Home – it is gorgeous! The cushion prints and the ivy trails, it’s all so calming and serene, and not too busy up there, a good place to get away from the crowds of Oxford Street! H&M Home I fancied sitting down somewhere to read my book while I waited, but I didn’t really feel like a coffee. But next to Costa was Itsu – it looked so inviting, not too busy, with splashes of hot pink in the decor, I really wanted to sit in there in the peace and quiet. So I got a pomegranite white team and sat in the window – how very sophisticated 🙂 Itsu Pomegranite White Tea My husband had joined me and we had a rant about things that annoyed us this week. Me is the fact I feel like I’ve been working my arse off on this blog, and yet my latest TOTS100 score is 1318 – yes it’s gone up, but this is still pretty crap – come on! Then I was really annoyed at Parkinson’s UK. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have seen how hard I’ve been promoting their #upyourfriendly campaign this week, and I took the time to write a really uplifting post about it. On their facebook page, they tend to share stories of sufferers when they are really ill or dying – so not really what you want to see if you have Parkinson’s. It’s like they are saying, this is what you have to look forward to. Great. So I messaged them and asked if they would share my post to their facebook timeline as it would be nice for their members to read an uplifting post. And they basically said no they can’t share every post, but they did retweet it. I was like, thanks but tweets get lost in cyberspace, a facebook timeline post would reach so many more people. So that was disheartening, I felt why did I bother putting all this time and effort in. As if any of it has actually helped my dad. So whatever Parkinson’s UK, I am moving on to support other well-deserving charities. Right, rant over. We went into Pho. Ugh, I hated it in there. So cramped, I was squashed against a wall, the music was so loud I couldn’t hear my husband, and I could only hear the neighbours conversations as they were practically sitting on my lap! So we walked out. I much preferred sitting in Itsu. And their sushi goes half price at 8pm 🙂 We killed the time by going into M&S to buy some snacks for the weekend. It’s downstairs in the basement and you have to go through the home department. I always find this amusing, like Home and Food has been banished to the basement. No you cannot be on ground level! We bought all the different flavours of scotch pancakes, as my boy loves them. They stationery department kept called me, I love looking at notebooks and files and pens and crap. This was my favourite design. M&S Stationery Time flies in M&S, and it was gone 8pm – hooray. So we made our way back and had a sushi feast 🙂 A £25 meal for £13. Oh yes. I was so glad we ate in here instead of Pho, I just love their decor. I wanted to take an arty photo of their lampshades, but couldn’t figure out how. So we did this: Itsu Lampshades So that was our Friday night. We then picked up our boy from my mum’s and went home. And then maybe we had a few of the cakes we got from M&S hee hee. Hope you had a lovely Friday night too 🙂


3 responses to “Date Night: Half Price Sushi and a Rant at the World!

  1. It was a really nice Friday. Sometimes its good to have a rant and let it out. Then I can get on with enjoying life! We are very lucky that my boy has lovely grandparents to babysit 🙂


  2. Sounds like some quality you time, and some quality couple time too. Shame about the Parkinsons campaign though, sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted x


    • Yes it was, I’m really glad. Sometimes life is so busy, you don’t get to talk to each other! And I just needed to get that off my chest about the charity, I think big charities forget about the little people and just focus on what sells. Saying that, there seems to be more uplifting posts on their page since I made a fuss, hee hee 🙂


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