My Pop Art Bedroom

For this week’s Home post, I thought I’d show how I added Pop Art touches to my bedroom at my parents’ house. You may remember my post about creating Pop Art Letters, well here is the rest of the room. The key is to have white walls and add pops of colour.

1) Feature Wall
I am lucky enough to have an ensuite at my parents’ house. It was actually built where there used to be a window, so there was a visible crack where the window was filled in. So I created a feature wall so that you can’t see the cracks at all, and it’s also a reminder for me of where my childhood bedroom window used to be! I used Wilko’s Tester Paint posts in a variety of colours, using masking tape to paint the stripes neatly. The clock is also from Wilko’s and I felt it suited the colour scheme perfectly. The bird hooks are from Tiger.
Pop Art Bedroom Makeover

2) Windowsill and Curtains
I wanted bright yellow curtains for the Pop Art look, but I couldn’t find any, they don’t exist! So I painted the insides of the windowsill bright yellow instead, using Wilko’s Tester Paint Pots, and bought bright blue curtains from B&M. They’re not blackout, so I bought blackout fabric from Dunelm Mill and made a lining. (PS. Check out that retro 70s polystyrene ceiling!)
Pop Art Bedroom Makeover

3) Pop Art Cushions
I bought this Roy Lichtenstein cushion cover from the Tate Modern in London when they were doing his exhibition in 2013. I love his art, and so HAD to buy this cushion cover. It was £15 and I love it! The Hello Hello Mustache cushion is Tyler’s favourite, he only ever lies down on this one. It was £4 from Primark. The Marvel Comic Book Duvet Cover was also from Primark for £12 – it seemed to suit the crazy Pop Art theme.

Pop Art Bedroom Makeover

4) Headboard and a painting
I painted a green stripe around the headboard (which is attached to the wall). And the Pop Art painting above is one I painted of Barbie from when I worked at Mattel. I always liked Pop Art 🙂

Pop Art Bedroom Makeover

So that’s my Pop Art bedroom. Quite simple and easy to do. You need quick and easy when you’ve got a toddler!

Sabrina x

Home Etc


12 responses to “My Pop Art Bedroom

  1. Awww, that is so good. The wall is amazing. The pink and the stripes are right up my street. I adore both!


  2. Ohh this fab – I love bright and cheerful colours so a pop art bedroom is right up my street. 🙂

    Popping over from the #HomeEtc linky 🙂


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