Brown paper – the emergency wrapping paper!

Have you ever needed to wrap a present but had no wrapping paper at home? That happened to me a few weeks ago. It was my good friend’s house warming. I had been into town and bought 2 gifts, plus a gorgeous gift bag from the Card Factory. But when I got home and put the gifts inside the gift bag, it looked too plain, they needed to be wrapped! I was like, doh, why didn’t I buy wrapping paper or tissue paper?!

Then I had a brainwave! I had a roll of brown parcel paper in my bedroom, and I had a stash of bright curling ribbon and bows in my crafts box from the Wilkos January sale.

Brown Paper - Wrapping Paper - Wilkos - Poundland - Pink - Yellow - Black - White

Brown Paper - Wrapping Paper - Wilkos - Poundland - Pink - Yellow - Black - White

I looked at what I had and decided to wrap the presents in the brown paper and use pink curling ribbon on one, yellow on the other. The curling ribbon was of the paper sort, giving it a rustic feel. I decided a gift bow wasn’t needed, it would be too much. So, here is what it looked like…

Brown Paper - Wrapping Paper - Wilkos - Poundland - Pink - Yellow - Black - White - Card Factory

Looks pretty good hey? And can you spot a little someone’s finger in the photo? He always gets super excited when I do a photo shoot! Anyway, I popped the 2 wrapped gifts in the gift bag and it looked just right. And my friend was pretty pleased with them too 🙂

The possibilities are endless – you could even customise the brown paper if you’re in an arty mood. I’m always colouring in with Tyler’s felt tip pens, sometimes it feels like therapy! Here are two Christmas designs I came up with, as that will here before you know it.


Homemade Christmas Brown Paper


Homemade Christmas Brown Paper

So there you have it, my top tip is for emergency wrapping paper is brown paper. And it’s always handy to have curling ribbon and bows at home. They are usually half price in the January sales, and the great thing about Christmas wrap these days is that they are not always in the traditional red and green colours, you can find lots of bright colours that you can use for everyday occasions.

Sabrina x

Home Etc

10 responses to “Brown paper – the emergency wrapping paper!

  1. Haha! In our house, there IS no other wrapping paper!!! I buy rolls and rolls of brown paper for work and that’s what we’ve been using for the last 6 years or so!! It’s SO versatile — stick some beautiful ribbon or string on and job’s a gooden 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with us Sabrina 🙂 #HomeEtc


    • Really – I am so behind the times haha! Definitely wrapping future presents like this now, I love how choosing a different ribbon or bow can totally change the look! xx


  2. I’m with you on the brown wrapping paper, I love those baubles. I have grand plans to let my 4 year old loose on some with a silver ink pad and some stamps for Christmas this year – if it’s a disaster the grandparents will love it anyway!


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