My Happiness Non-Negotiables

I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by Donna from What the RedHead Said to do my Happy Non-Negotiables list. It was started by Pouting in Heels blogger Kate, who wrote the original post.


Basically it’s a list of things you will not give up, things that you will not wait to do ‘one day’, things that make you happy. So here’s my list:

  1. Chick-lit books from the library and reading a bit everyday. This is something I’ve never given up on. Whichever town I’ve moved to, the first thing I’d do is join the library so I could get my books. Then Tyler was born and I admit it took a lot longer to read a book, I had to resort to reading out loud to him as a newborn so he could hear my voice. Now he’s so used to me reading, he happily plays alongside me.
  2. Keeping my home stylish. People always said once I have a child, my home would become a playroom full of toys. Well it has, but with stylish storage so it still looks like my home!
  3. Sleep – I never give up on sleep. Except for the first 3 months of Tyler’s life. But yes I can sleep anywhere, I have early nights, lie ins where I just let Tyler play in the room while I sleep a bit more, and I would rather give up TV or write my blog posts another day than give up my sleep!
  4. Seeing my friends – it may not be often, but seeing them makes me happy and the train journeys make Tyler happy, so I’ll not give up on making time to see my friends.
  5. Shopping (ie ME time) – I love shopping and hunting for bargains. It was easy when Tyler was in the pushchair as I’d time it with his naps. But when he walks with me, shopping is a stress as he’s always runs off. Now I go on my own on Saturday mornings between 9-10am before my husband goes to football so he can watch Tyler. I love that hour of relaxing shopping and it’s always quiet on the high street then too – bonus!
  6. Sewing/Knitting – a hobby that I WILL make time for, especially now I have a sewing machine. I love shopping for fabrics and buttons and ribbons, but always put off actually making something. Not any more!

And that’s it. Quite a simple list, but that’s what makes me happy 😀 (And obviously family makes me happy – my husband, my boy, my parents and my siblings – that doesn’t need saying, they’ve always come first!)

Now I’m tagging Elaine and Dawn – go on, tell us what your happiness non-negotiables are!

Sabrina x


15 responses to “My Happiness Non-Negotiables

  1. Great list!
    I’d like to make more time for sewing and that sort of thing as well. I used to really enjoy it 🙂
    X X


  2. Ah this is a lovely idea and you have some great things on your list. I love reading but I never find/make the time for it these days and it’s something i really miss! xo



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