Maternity Style #4 | Tesco F+F

For this week’s Maternity Style post, I’m afraid I have no pretty outdoor photos as it had been pouring down with rain the whole Easter weekend! Anyway I’m wearing my most comfortable maternity dress, it’s so light and loose, it’s just feels like it’s floating around me. The sleeves feel floaty around my arms too.


The dress is chiffon one from F+F @ Tesco, and it’s a non-maternity in a size 16. It came with a belt which I used pre-pregnancy, but now I just don’t wear the belt. There’s a tie at the front of the neck that jingles, giving it a kind of hippy, gipsy feel.

I must admit the print of the fabric is not my favourite, I would have preferred something a bit brighter, but this dress was an emergency buy! It was when Tyler was unwell at my parents’s house so we stayed over, and I needed to wear something different to work the next day! Thank goodness for 24 hour Tescos!


Well it’s turned out to be the best maternity dress, so it was destiny! I’ve teamed it with a burgundy 3/4 length top underneath (from Dorothy Perkins), navy maternity leggings (Red Herring, Debenhams), and of course a flower clip in my hair 🙂

If you’re after something similar, I got the dress from the sale rail at half price, £8. They’ve always got a sale clothes rail in both Tesco and Sainsburys, so it’s worth having a look and getting a larger size to fit over your bump. Hope this gives you some maternity inspiration!

Sabrina x


20 responses to “Maternity Style #4 | Tesco F+F

  1. Aw, your bump looks gorgeous. I love the top, lovely colours. Tesco is fab for women’s clothing. I have so many bits and pieces from F+F and I always get lovely comments when I wear them. x


  2. Yay for baby bump! And how fab is it looking in that dress. Those colours look lovely on you and it looks like a fab dress that could be dressed up or down. I’m so excited to have a bump again!!x


  3. You’re looking fabulous! I actually struggled with a lot of maternity clothes as im so short they often swamped me so I bought things a size up or in my size but cut a certain way to make it work for my bump x


  4. First of all congratulations!!!!

    Secondly… I love that top/dress. I would wear it even though I am not pregnant. They are so versatile and look lovely over jeans and leggings!

    Laura x x x


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