Bathtime with Westlab Kids Bath Salts | Review

Bathtime is one of Tyler’s favourite activities – what is it with kids and waters, they just love it! Ever since I can remember, he’s loved splashing in the water, kicking really hard to make big splashes. It’s probably the feel and sound of the water when they are babies. Nowadays it’s more about playing with all his toys in the bath, pouring water into jugs, toy watering cans and of course his favourite – Robofish.

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At bathtime I normally use any baby or children’s brand of bubble bath, but I was recently contacted by Westlab to try out their Kids Dead Sea Bath Salts. I was intrigued as I had heard of bath salts for adults, but not for kids. The bath salts arrived in brightly coloured packaging, and the key thing that stuck out for me was that it was suitable for skin with eczema or psoriasis. When Tyler was a baby, he did have infant eczema and we used bath solutions like Infaderm which did smell quite medicinal. So it’s nice to have an alternative.

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Above you can see how the bath salts look, a clean white colour. The packet contains 500g of bath salt, and below you can see the instructions. You vary the amount of salt you add to the water depending on your child’s age.

DSC03262 2

With Tyler we used the adult size bath, so I added approximately a third of the packet to the water, so that’s roughly 175g. It dissolved quite easily in the warm water and had a clean sea-salty scent that was very refreshing. I’d almost call this a mini spa for kids.

DSC03272 2

Tyler had his bath with all his toys. Luckily he was not bothered that there were no bubbles, as he’s more interesting in splashing in the water and getting it all over the floor 😛

I got 3 baths out of the pack and I did notice that Tyler’s skin seemed softer than before.

The secret to the bath salts is in the ingredients:

Magnesium: Helps soothe, protect, balance and repair the skin.
Calcium: Is an anti-oxidant and cell-renewing.
Potassium: Balances the skin’s moisture levels.
Bromides: Help relax the muscles.

And this kids version is safe for use from 3 months. I think it would be especially useful for those parents whose babies or toddlers do have infant eczema. A 500g pack costs £2.99 from the Westlab website.

Sabrina x


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