Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottle | Review

I’ve been breastfeeding Honey Nut since she was born and it’s been going really well. It is quite intense being the sole person in charge of feeding day and night, so I had planned on expressing so that I could leave Honey Nut with someone else if I needed to. This happened when she was 3 weeks and I had to take Tyler to his induction at his new school and then I had to attend a parents presentation on a separate afternoon. I had been sent these gorgeous Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles to test out, so I just needed a pump to express. I bought a manual pump (I went for the Medela Harmony), and had a go.


The Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles come in three colours – pink, blue and white, and in two sizes – 150ml and 250ml. The double packs also come with silicone dummy which looks really different from the usual dummies.


The bottles have a cute little birdie print on the front of the pink one, and an elephant on the blue one. So so cute, and just my style. But apart from the design, the main feature I liked was the angled teat.


The angled teat has been designed to replicate breastfeeding, so baby finds their natural feeding position, with the soft, wide base to replicate the feeling of a boob. The wide belly of the teat stays full of milk and there is also a dual anti-colic valve that is to reduce the risk of air being swallowed.


All of that sounds great, but I was worried as I had heard breastfed babies don’t take to bottles easily and it takes ages to find a brand that the baby would take. Well, we tested the Chicco bottle before I left my husband alone with Honey Nut and… she loved it! Thank god!


She drank the milk out of the bottle with no fuss, and as you can see in the photo, the angled teat is full of milk. I think the only weird bit for Honey Nut was seeing my husband’s face above her instead of mine! Honey Nut had no wind problems that evening, it was just like normal which was a huge relief. The valves must have worked.

The bottle was comfortable to hold, nice and chunky, with a dip in the centre to help with gripping it.


It was easy to wash as it’s quite wide, and they fit in my existing electric steriliser. Two days later, I left Honey Nut with my mum for a couple of hours, and again she had no problems feeding her from the bottle. Success! She’s now 6 weeks, and I’m comfortable leaving my mum with Honey Nut and these bottles with expressed milk so that I can take Tyler for an afternoon out.

I am so happy with these bottles, both functionally and design-wise – I love that they are colourful. Bottles shouldn’t have to look boring!


The Chicco NaturalFeeling bottles and teats are available from Boots. I’ll certainly popping in to buy the next age teats for when Honey Nut is 3 months and 6 months.

Sabrina x


17 responses to “Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottle | Review

  1. These look great, especially for those that breast feed and don’t want to lose the great latch their child already has. x


  2. My first was fantastic at taking a bottle and breastfeeding, we just used normal Tommee Tippees but this time I don’t fancy risking it and may have to try these out! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


    • We used Tommee Tippee first time round too, but now there’s so much more choice out there, and lots to reduce colic which is great! We’re definitely sticking with these Chicco ones, I love them! x


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