Baby Honey Nut | 10 weeks old

Wow we are into the double digits! Time is really flying, and this week a major milestone came with a tooth coming out. It’s still under the gum, but you can clearly see her fang teeth at the top appearing. Honey Nut is drooling, and chewing her hands constantly. I’ve been rubbing Dentinox teething gel which she likes, and giving Calpol if she is too upset, as she does get very tearful in the early evenings. The week was quite pre-occupied with taking Tyler to school for his first week, and she has been brilliant in the buggy. I can see she gets excited when I put her in, like she knows we are about to go for a walk outside. The mornings have been good so far too, she has her morning feed and is happy in the cot, cooing at her mobile while I get Tyler ready.


According to the Babycentre, at 10 weeks “her movements are definitely pretty smooth now. You may notice her little arms and legs moving in circles, especially when she’s watching people. All this exercise is helping her on her way to becoming more mobile. Give your baby enough space to stretch her arms and legs, which will help to strengthen and tone her developing muscles. Lay a blanket on the floor and let her wriggle about as she pleases.”

Yes! Those arms and legs have been moving around in circles, my husband says she is the one girl mexican wave!

Here is my diary for the week:

Day 70 – 10 weeks! She was a real comfort to me while I was missing Tyler. She woke at 6.15am and that was my alarm to get us ready for taking him to school. She’s been waving her arms and kicking her legs with such force today, proper thuds on the mattress, my husband’s calls her the ‘one girl Mexican wave’ Oh and she is dribbling and chewing her hand constantly, definitely teething eek!

Day 71 – from her second favourite place, the changing table. She kicks away on it and stares at the light switches or the bunting above her. She’s been calm on the walks in the buggy to and from Tyler’s school, but after school she has been screaming as she had trapped wind. It was quite scary. These burps must really hurt or something, poor baby.

Day 72 – she is starting to roll on to her side now! And drooling more, so I got a teether, teething gel and teething powders today. She licked the teething gel like it was so delicious or something! As for the teether, I got a ‘not impressed’ face.

Day 73 – look at her in her outfit ahhhh! I think this is the girliest she has looked 😍 Thank you to my uni buddy who sent it over from Hong Kong. She’s been a good girl today, enjoying the walk to and from school looking out of the buggy. She’s a light day time napper, so I can’t get as much housework done as I thought I would while Tyler is at school. And she’s dribbling even more today!

Day 74 – Teething! She’s been chewing and drooling, and when I rub teething gel on her gums, I swear I can feel teeth. Isn’t it too early?! Also she’s accidentally grabbing things, so it looks like she’s cuddling this bunny hehe. And yes that is yesterday’s outfit, I love it so much, I put it on her today again!

Day 75 – we had a nothing day at Nana’s house as it’s been grey and rainy all day. Still at least it was a chance to wear this fleecy romper that my lovely friend @redrose786 got her before she was born. So warm and snuggly. In other major news, it looks as though her top fang teeth are coming out. The drooling has been immense, she’s had 3 outfit changes as she had drenched the tops!

Day 76 – first time she wore a dribble bib, and she needed it! This is a Ted Baker one from @debenhams. She liked being outside today at the Slough Canal Festival but got a bit tetchy when she was hungry! At home she’s been making louder sounds, like she’s really trying to talk.


And here she is in that cute outfit my friend from Hong Kong sent – I love how she looks in it, like a proper girl! Good timing too with the last of the summer sunshine before Autumn 🙂

Sabrina x



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