Honey Nut’s Summer Baby Outfits


Yeah, yeah I know it’s autumn. I think I’m in denial that summer is over, maybe I have the SAD thing – I need sunshine to be happy! To help myself come to terms with it, I thought I’d do a post of Honey Nut’s summer outfits. You know on Instagram before she was born, I would post pretty flatlays of clothes that I had bought or were gifted to me? Well I’ve put them side by side with Honey Nut actually wearing the outfits so you can see how they actually looked on – get ready for some cuteness!!!


TK Maxx (Carters):

M & Co:


Ted Baker (Debenhams):

Next (bunny romper) & GAP (floral vest):


Next (from Choice):



Nicholas Bears (Hong Kong):


Next Sale:


Next (from Choice):

Next (from Choice):

And these I didn’t do flatlays of the outfits but I had to share as they sum up summer!

H&M, Mamas & Papas and Next:

Dressing Honey Nut this summer has been so much fun. Baby clothes get grown out of so quickly, so I am glad I have these photos to remember them. The good thing about dresses are that she can still wear them this autumn with leggings and a long sleeved bodysuit underneath. As for the rompers, I can’t bear to part with them yet, so I’ll keep them in a keepsake box for now! What do you do with old baby clothes?

Sabrina x


18 responses to “Honey Nut’s Summer Baby Outfits

  1. Oh the cuteness! Doesn’t she look adorable in each and every one – I love the pineapple print from Next, I would totally wear a dress like that if only they’d make it!


  2. I love all ther funky coloured outfits! I went shopping for girls stuff this week and couldn’t believe the array of pink stuff…..I don’t do pink hah! #weekendtotstyle


    • Ooh girl clothes shopping, exciting! Yes there is so much pastel pink, bleurgh! I’m more into bright colours, it is fun hunting for them amongst the pink! xx


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