The Siblings Project | November

This month has been a milestone month in the life of Tyler and Honey Nut – it was the month Honey Nut first laughed and it was Tyler that made her laugh. He can do anything – jump around, make silly noises, even nearly sit on her face and she will give the heartiest laugh, like she can’t control herself. And Tyler gets so happy that he can make her laugh “Look mummy, I made Honey Nut laugh!”


He’s also constantly taking photos of her, taking my iPhone off me to do so, or taking them on his Vtech camera. A mini photographer in the making and Honey Nut loves it!


Anything he does is fascinating to her, even eating a brioche bun.


The siblings also had their first adventure on the trains into London this month. Tyler loves having his sister come along, like a mini sidekick.


No one else can make Honey Nut laugh as much as Tyler can. Now that’s sibling love isn’t it 🙂


Watching these two get along makes my heart melt. I’m looking forward to the next month and their first Christmas together, it should be fun!

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project


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