An Easy Way to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

I haven’t written an interiors blog post for ages and I miss it. The thing is, when you have a baby, keeping your home stylish is almost impossible. I dream of it looking how it used to, but the reality is there are clothes thrown all over the place, muslin clothes, Tyler’s toys everywhere, cushions on the floor, random things on table tops. There’s just no time to keep things tidy when you’re looking after a demanding baby, and at the end of the day I am exhausted and want to crawl into bed!

But, there is one thing that has kept me happy with how my home looks throughout these messy months, and that is my bedroom duvet covers. They instantly brighten up the bedroom, and it’s the one thing I do every morning – make the bed. The different patterns of my duvet covers make great backgrounds for my photos of Honey Nut, which you’ve probably seen all over my instagram feed.

I used to be really into colourful covers, but lately I’m drifting toward white covers with interesting patterns, geometrics and typography. So I thought I’d share with you my two latest purchases. 

1) Ben de Lisi Home White ‘British Isles’ bedding set – Debenhams – £24.50


This one was one my husband surprised me with at the weekend. He said he saw it and knew I would love it, and he was so right. I love typography, especially ones to do with places in the UK, and this one is so bright and funky. I love the illustrations and the nod towards festivals, it’s just so cool. Tyler loves it too. He’s learning phonics at school so he loves anything with letters, and he can read ‘London’ – cute eh?!


Ben de Lisi is one of my favourite designers, everything he designs is so bright and just my style. So much stuff in my home is from his range.


The pillowcases and duvet cover are reversible, with names of towns printed on, I just love it.


2) Triangle Multi Geo Geometric Duvet Cover – Primark – £11


This one is my bargain impulse purchase from Primark last month. Primark do really great patterns on their duvet covers at such an affordable price, it’s great. I must admit I was drawn to this geometric one for the black and white checked side. It reminds me of giant graph paper and I knew it would be a great background for my Instagram photos!


The pastel colours on the front side are lovely too, really calming, and I love geometric triangular patterns. This is totally on trend.


Now I admit I haven’t styled these photos with cushions and throws, or tidied up the surrounding areas to make it look stylish, but hey, I have a cute baby to style my photos with now 😀


So those are my two latest duvet cover purchases, a real easy way to brighten up the bedroom. Have you bought any duvet covers lately?

Sabrina x

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16 responses to “An Easy Way to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

  1. These are so bright and pretty! I love the mix of colours on the geometric print and would never have guessed it was from Primark! I am in desperate need of a new duvet set or two, but I seem to have an awkward colour scheme in my bedroom so might be stuck with something more neutral (and boring) than yours!


    • It’s cool isn’t it, I am really impressed with some of the designs in Primark. Awkward colour scheme, that sounds intriguing 🙂 Whatever it is, it’s always nice to have a new duvet cover isn’t it! xx


  2. I LOVE the geometric print and I’m so impressed it’s Primark! We are decorating our bedroom at the moment and now I’m wondering if I can fit that in… #HomeEtc


  3. Hey Sabrina! Long time?! How are you and where have you been? No need to answer that foolish question. How is the little beauty? Loving your purchases. I have to say I also like the pink dolly on the bed!!! Lovely to see you here #HomeEtc


  4. Weirdly enough I HAVE!! I’ve not long taken delivery of THE most gorgeous duvet cover from BluebellGray — I’m going to be adding some colour into my bedroom in the new year! Can’t wait!! Love these designs Sabrina!! Welcome back to #HomeEtc — we’ve missed you!!! 🙂 xx


    • It’s so nice having new covers isn’t it! Aw thanks Caro! I’ve missed reading these posts. I’ll probably try for every 2 weeks, my home is a mess so not much to write about! xx


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