Things to Look Forward to in 2017

January is crap isn’t it (unless it’s your birthday month, then sorry, it’s a great month! ;-)) I was going to write a post on things to look forward to this January – but of course nothing really happens in January. It’s cold, back to reality after the Christmas excesses, work or school, and it’s all about refreshing yourself and your home. So to cheer us all up, I’ve pulled together things to look forward to in 2017 – that would cheer us up, right? Here’s what my family and I are looking forward to:


1) Call the Midwife new series returning – they haven’t given a date yet, but I’m hoping February

2) Legoland opening for 2017 in March (Tyler  asks me everyday, can we go to Legoland, those damned adverts!)

3) All the kids movies coming out at the cinema – The Lego Batman Movie (Feb), The Boss Baby (March), The Nut Job 2 (May), Cars 3 and Despicable Me 3 (June)

4) All the fun celebratory days coming up – Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Valentines Day, Easter

5) Our first family holiday as a 4 at the beach somewhere

6) Lily to be crying less as she gets older (My husband said that’s what he’s looking forward to!!)

7) Summer and sunshine!


8) Family Wedding Celebrations – my brother is getting married this year! Whoop whoop!

And because it’s actually quite nice to hear what people are looking forward to, here’s what my fellow bloggers say they are looking forward to in 2017:

“The Linkin Park album is being released” anonymous

“Oh it’s big birthday year for us. Me and hubby turn 30, our little boy turns 1, hubby’s dad turns 50 and his grandad turns 70! Party year!!!” Chantele,

“Getting back to work, whether that be the job I had before maternity or a different one, I love working and feeling like I’m making a life for myself. I’m looking forward to having a routine again. Also, to my boy starting to crawl, walk, (maybe even sleep if we’re lucky…)” Kirsty,

“Our fourth baby being born in July!! I’m only 7 months postpartum so it’s going to be a crazy summer!” Caroline,

“Hopefully getting pregnant again!” Lucy,

“I’m looking forward to the arrival of our rainbow baby in March. I also have a small handmade business and I’m so excited to see where that takes me” Laura, 

“Quality time as a family! We’ve already got holidays to Butlins and Ibiza booked, and hopefully one more little trip too :)” Emily, 

“New baby this month, Elliot starting school in September and seeing my favourite comedian Greg davis live in Bournemouth in December! ” Elaine,

“All being well, I am looking forward to starting my journey as a student midwife Kate,

“Lots of family days out planned (on 1st January, we sit down with our diaries and schedule one a month for the whole year). A holiday with my parents to Broadstairs. Little Mister H’s Welcome to the World party and first birthday party.” Lucy,

“Enjoying maternity leave, having more ‘free time’ as baby grows and toddler starts nursery, catching up on pending blog reviews, getting on top of my blogging projects, working on my breastfeeding projects, and so much more. So much to look forward to.” Mo,

“It’s a bittersweet year as my twin daughters will start school in September. I’m looking forward to it for them as they’re so excited and are going to love it, but sad as they’re my last babies and they’ve grown up too quickly!” Beth,

“Starting my fashion merchandising and buying course in February. I really can’t wait to start!” Rochelle,

 “A new book ‘The Serpent’s Mirror’ from my favourite author Deb Harkess is due out in 2017” Jenni,
“Hopefully buying our first house. All being well we will finish saving for our deposit in July!” Nicola, 

“Looking forward to our first camping holiday in may :-)” Jaymee,

“Im looking forward to a change of career and potentially moving to Scotland! Im also looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie!” Alex,

“I’m looking forward to being in our new home, just me and my little girl after a really tough 14 months. I’m also looking forward to love island starting again and one of my favourite friends getting married to the love of her life.” Rosie,

“I’m going to be a bridesmaid for the first time at the grand old age of 32 for my brother and his fiancée, I’m going to be an auntie and I’m hopefully getting married!” Rachel,

“I’m looking forward to seeing Impractical Jokers in Manchester next Thursday And a holiday to Drayton Manor, Peppa Pig World and Centre Parcs in July.” Rebecca,

“Looking forward to going to some new places! We want to have a couple of city breaks this year of places we haven’t been. Brighton is first in May for my partners birthday. I’m also really looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 – love a trip to the cinema and there are some great movies coming out this year.” Kayleigh,

“Decorating our house and going on our first camping weekend as a family to a festival” Jenni,

“Family wise I’m looking forward to watching our daughter growing and turn one, and want to celebrate summer more with both kids. I’m also going to my first blog conference (eek!) and spending more time on blogging/freelancing this year to develop my career. Oh, and waiting for Game of Thrones to come back! ” Nicola,

“My birthday! Haha” Rosie

“We bought our first home last year, so this year I am looking forward to transforming the muddy swamp that is our garden, into a useable and enjoyable space.” Karina,

“I am looking forward to Finally starting my novel. No excuses this year, it’s happening” Laura,

“Taking my little boy on his first camping trip” Hannah,

“My little one has been asking to go to Loch Ness for years, so we finally taking her in the summer! Hope she’s not too disappointed if we dont find any monsters! ” Kelly, 

“Marrying my soul mate. We get married in a beautiful welsh manor on the 7th August and my 4 year old son is walking me down the aisle. I say aisle it’s outside so it’s more of a stoney path. Can’t wait. Just need to lose weight and make sure I look the best I ever had.” Kelly,

“Going to Disneyland at Christmas for our Anniversary. I can’t wait to see my daughters face as she sees their massive trees. Also my other daughter gets to go on an airplane which she is obsessed with and my husband and I will get to have a romantic meal… mega bonus!!” Jade,

“I’m looking forward to making the most of these last few months before my daughter starts school! I am determined to make a big effort and not let the time just drift past. Though have no idea how to!” Samantha,

“I’m looking forward to travelling more. I’m off to Germany with work next week, Barcelona in the summer and a few more surprises too if all goes to plan. I am determined to visit at least one new place each year until I expire!” Lisa,

“Seeing our baby turn into a proper little boy. He’s changed so much recently, I can’t imagine how much he’ll change in a year. Seeing my little brother again at the end of the summer as he’s been in Australia since May. Oh and the next bit of Greys Anatomy – I’m obsessed!” Hayley,

“My uni deadlines finish this week and then I don’t have any more until May! Almost as exciting as Christmas!” Jenny,

“Both of my children are now at school all day and I’m having a year break before I think about going back to work. I’m looking forward to finding “me” again, decluttering the house and doing all of the things that ended up on the bottom of the list when I had young children at home all day. Starting with exercise!” Alison,
“Am looking forward to all the races I have this year but the marathon in October. Ran it last time whilst pregnant so determined to run this time and beat my time!” Leyla,
“I’m looking forward to better health (thinking positively here) and taking my youngest to Disneyland Paris for her 3rd birthday. Just me and her, and my friend and her 3 year old. A proper girls trip!” Lauren,

“The return for Grey’s Anatomy – I blooming hate Season breaks! And lots of family adventures, can’t wait for holidays, days out and lots of fun times ” Cat,

“I am looking forward to the 6 week summer holidays before my second starts school” Becky,

“I am really looking forward to the arrival of spring time and being able to spend as much time as possible outdoors and having lots of family adventures out and about!” Talya,

“I’m looking forward to one of my best friends hen parties next month (three days CHILD FREE!!!) and the wedding the month after (three more days CHILD FREE!!!!). Bring on the prosecco!!!!!” Laura,

Lots of things happening in 2017! What are you looking forward to this year?

Sabrina x


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