The Siblings Project | April 2017

Can you see there is some sort of theme for the siblings this month… OUTDOOR PHOTOS! Hurrah! It’s warm enough to sit on the grass outside these days, and Lily is loving the experience, the texture of the grass and having the freedom to crawl around. Even more so when Tyler is running around her, she laughs so much with happiness.


This month has been the siblings’ first holiday together, when we went to South Wales and stayed in a seaside cottage. It was also the first time they shared a room without me, though my sister was in there with them, it was surprisingly a success! So much so, that as soon as we got back home after the holiday, I set up the big cot in Tyler’s bedroom and the kiddos are now sleeping in their own room at home – so this holiday has been a total life-changer!


Back home for the second week of the Easter hols, I took the kiddos out for some days out with just me, and it was actually really enjoyable! The first time was in Windsor, and the second time was in London. They love each other’s company, and Tyler is really helpful, holding doors open for me, going “I’m a strong boy Mummy!” He is just so eager to help with anything to do with Lily. Such a lovely big brother.


I love this time of year, as we have all the summer months to look forward to, so plenty more adventures for these two siblings.

Sabrina x


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