Top 30 Favourite Childhood TV Shows Across The Years

TV has always been a BIG part of my life. I wasn’t allowed out much as a  teenager, you know what Asian parents are like ;-), so life at home was pretty much spent around the TV. Sky TV came along when I was 13 and I remember thinking it was the most AMAZING thing ever, all those songs had music videos (what??) and all those American shows – Sister Sister, Kenan and Kel, wrestling when it was called WWF, The X Files, oh my god I LOVED the X Files, and I HAD to watch Full House and Murphy Brown without fail on Thursday nights. I was obsessed with TV, dreaming up future episodes in my head, even talking with an American accent (so embarrassing!!!) I can’t believe how we used to watch TV on those ugly boxes with tiny square screens. Oh how TV has changed so much since then.


Fast forward twenty years, and am I am so grateful that we can watch TV on these beautiful, giant flat screens we all have now. And in HD too. And then you have 4k, like the Panasonic 4k TV, just so sleek and crisp. It’s like having a cinema at home. Kids are so lucky these days. And they have so much choice, with DVDs and not having the rewind video tapes, being able to pause TV with Sky Plus – Tyler is forever going ‘Can you pause it?’ while he nips to the loo. And then they can watch YouTube on smart TVs, which is what Tyler does to watch trains, buses, alphabet songs, Oddbods and so much more.

What children watch these days is so different to what we used to watch growing up, I thought I’d write what my family’s favourite childhood TV shows are. Gosh, imagine watching these shows on a 50 inch 4k TV!! Kids don’t know that hardship we went through with our little box TVs ;-P

Top 30 Favourite Childhood TV Shows Across the Years

Me and my husband:
1.Bugs Bunny
2.The My Little Pony movie
3.Tom and Jerry
4.Fraggle Rock
5.The Muppet Show
8.Gummy Bears
10.Space Ghost
12.Home and Away
13.Top of the Pops
14.Going Live
16.Care Bears
17.Saved By The Bell

21.Peppa Pig
22.Paw Patrol
24.The Minions Movie
25.Digby Dragon
26.Little Baby Bum and ChuChu TV nursery rhymes (YouTube)
27.Train and Bus videos (YouTube)
28.Blaze and the Monster Machines
30.Rusty Rivets

She may only be 10 months old, but is already loves Peppa Pig and has even seen it at the cinema. There’s just something about that pig!

Do any of these shows ring a bell with you? What were your favourite TV shows from your childhood?

Sabrina x

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post



22 responses to “Top 30 Favourite Childhood TV Shows Across The Years

  1. I loved Saved by the bell, and also loved watching top of the pops every friday night. My little one is such a big paw patrol fan and blaze fan too. lol


    • Hehe, Saved by the Bell is a popular one, and yes it was Friday nights wasn’t it, or was it Thursday. I do miss that show, better than music videos. Oh yes, your little one and my Tyler would get along! x


  2. Daniel’s favourites are:
    Octonauts (this is far and away his most watched one)
    Peppa Pig
    Ben & Holly
    Thomas the Tank Engine & friends
    Steve & Maggie (YouTube)
    Paw patrol
    Robot trains (YouTube)
    Tayo the little bus (YouTube)
    Little baby bum nursery rhymes (YouTube)
    Go Jetters
    Ruff ruff, tweet and Dave

    My favorites as a young kid were:
    Secret squirrel
    Mighty mouse
    Whacky races
    The Flumps
    Blue Peter
    I have fond memories of Neighbours too when i was a bit older. I can’t think why it was so addictive though.


    • Oh wow Daniel loves loads! So much on YouTube now right?! Love Tayo the bus (of course!) Oh my goodness, I forgot about Bagpuss, definitely one of my faves. Thank you for sharing! x


  3. What are our parents like! I loved all of the TV shows mentioned especially Kenan and Kel! Who loves orange soda? Hehe x


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