Why My Goal Is NOT For My Children To Be a Doctor or a Lawyer | Blogtober17 Day 7

That is a tongue-in-cheek get at Asian parents – if you’re Asian, you’ll know what I mean haha. On the other hand, if my children do want to be doctors or lawyers, that is fine too!


Today’s #Blogtober17 word is ‘Goals’, but as a person that wanders aimlessly through life, taking chances and just doing things last minute, I don’t really do ‘Goals’. I could write about my blogging goals, but there’s not much else to write apart from aiming to be the best blogger EVER and for everyone to know me – JOKE!

My husband and I have vague goals in life, like to eventually have our forever home by the seaside, and to go back to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary (which I am slowly back-tracking on, as the idea of a 20 hour flight with two kids just fills me with dread). I vaguely know I want to work with children and have some sort of career again once Lily is at school. Perhaps train to be a primary school teacher, be a childminder, be an Art teacher. Or maybe I’ll just stick to freelance graphic design. Again, so vague, I’ll just see what life throws at me!

The only solid goals I DO have, are the goals I have as a parent and how I want to bring up my children. So I’ll write about that.

1) I want my children to grow up with me as their friend as well as their mum. So they feel comfortable to talk to me at whatever stage in their life. I love chatting to children, and already I feel as though I am the one that Tyler and his friends love talking to. I love that other children get excited to see me at school, shouting “Hi Tyler’s Mum!” I always talk to them, making sure they are not ignored and what they say is important, even if it is just that their favourite car colour is black! So my goal is to continue to be the mum that Tyler and his friends can talk to.

2) I want to encourage my children to be comfortable in their own skin and not have any body hangups. Especially in the teenage years, I want my children to never feel so unhappy that they turn to eating disorders. I will encourage them to eat whatever they want, but to also keep active by doing the things they love like dancing or playing football or whatever.

3) I want to raise Tyler to respect women and I want to raise Lily to respect her body. I hate it when I see young girls with low cut tops and their boobs out. I hate it when I hear teenagers talking with vulgar language. I will do my best to ensure my children respect themselves. And my goal is for them to go to a good secondary school, as I know it’s peers that encourage bad behaviour.

4) I want to raise my children to be as kind as their dad. When I was on a date with their dad in the early years, we went into a newsagent by the tube station and there was a blind man at the counter who had forgotten something at home, and was all flustered. My husband offered to walk him home and bring him back to the shop. It was a good 20 minutes out of our date, but he did that out of kindness, and that’s when I knew I had a good one. So I want my children to be as kind as him.

5) I want my children to grow up as best friends, like how I am with my brother and sister. To look after each other, and hang out like friends even when they are older. I don’t want any huge fights where they never talk to each other again. I will always do my best to ensure my children get along and enjoy each others company.

6) I want my children to be whoever they want to be, be it a train driver or a chef or an artist, or hey, a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant. And I want education to be fun and not feel like a chore.

7) I want my children to grow up with the same values as me, to understand different religions and the reasons, and to know that family is very important and stay close to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins (I know, very Peggy Mitchell ;-))

8) I want my children to grow up aware of that not everyone is nice, and to step away from disagreements, to lead a carefree, easy-going life. As life is too short to get into arguments with everyone, just let those people do their thing and you do yours.

I know this all sounds cupcakes and rainbows, but this post is about ‘Goals’ and we all have a wishlist, right? Life doesn’t always go on the straight path, but I’ll do my best to ensure my children stay on the right path.

Do you have any goals for your children?

Sabrina x




15 responses to “Why My Goal Is NOT For My Children To Be a Doctor or a Lawyer | Blogtober17 Day 7

  1. I love your ‘goals’ – I wrote about how we get too fixated on end goals rather than just being and enjoying life. I think your type of goal fits my ideal!


  2. Ahh! What lovely goals. They made me smile and nod along…
    I think I would want the same for my children too….I feel like I am winning at life because my teenage girl hates tight clothes, low cut tops and short skirts….hehehe


  3. That’s a really sweet post! My goals for J are to have friends, have fun and have an independent life…I’d also like him to be rich so he can take me on exotic holidays 😉


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