Life As A Nineties Teenager + My Unusual Crush | #Blogtober17 Day 20/21

I am combining two #Blogtober17 days here – Teenagers and Unusual Crushes. Because in my case, they both have one common theme… the nineties.


The teenage years are known for being a difficult time in your life, whatever decade you were born in. For me, I really hated suddenly looking different, growth spurts and stretch marks, looking tall and gangly, puppy fat on my face and boobs (noooo!!!), periods, moustaches and bushy eyebrows, frizzy hair and generally feeling ugly. I so didn’t want any of these things, I just wanted to be the little girl I used to be, I was so angry about it that I dressed like a boy, baggy shirts and baggy jeans to cover my body, a long fringe to cover my face. I hated suddenly being so much taller than my brother, I wanted to curl up and be invisible, I started to hunch my back. Being a teenager sucked!

What I described above is bad enough. Add to it the technological troubles of living in the nineties:

1) Playing music on cassettes and having to rewind if you wanted to hear your favourite song again.

2) Recording music off the Chart Show on Sundays and trying to press stop before Dr Fox started talking – man he talked A LOT. I used to record my favourite song at the beginning of the tape so it was easy to rewind and listen to again and again.

3) Having to watch TV shows when they were actually broadcast – no Sky Plus in those days. If you missed the beginning bit, tough luck.

4) Having to programme the video player to record shows if we were out, setting the timer, putting the cassette in the right place to start recording from. And then when you wanted to watch it, you had to rewind the cassette to the beginning, which seemed to take forever.

5) Rewinding cassettes. I just thought that needed it’s own point.

6) Taking photos on old skool film cameras, sometimes accidentally exposing the film when it hadn’t winded properly and I had opened the back (doh!), having to get the photos developed and waiting a week until you saw the photos, and then they are all terrible because you blinked. We have it sooooo easy now with iPhones and digital cameras!!!

And here are some things that remind me of being a teenager in the nineties:

  • Doc Marten Boots
  • Impulse body spray
  • ‘Head’ Sports Bags (from Argos of course)
  • Scouring the Argos catalogue when bored (there was no internet then)
  • Scrunching my hair with mousse so it looked permed
  • Scrunchie hair bands
  • Rimmel lipstick
  • Shell suits
  • Odd paired socks like Punky Brewster
  • Listening to tapes on my Sony Walkman
  • Listening to the Chart Show without fail every Sunday
  • Buying Spira (chocolate bar) from the vending machine at school
  • Hitching our skirts up at school so they went above the knees
  • The X Files
  • Disposable Cameras
  • RnB music – R Kelly, Puff Daddy, Jodeci, Boyz 2 Men, Brandy, Aaliyah, Shanice, En Vogue, Salt n Pepa – I could go on!
  • Videoing my siblings and little cousins singing and dancing to the Fugees and Toni Braxton
  • Knitting little wrestling dollies (yeah I liked knitting, maybe I was a weird teenager)
  • My unusual crush on Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels and having giant posters on my bedroom walls. Whilst everyone else in school was in love with Luke from 90210.


It is embarrassing looking back at my teenage years, but at least I can laugh about it now!

What things do you remember most from your teenage years?

Sabrina x




5 responses to “Life As A Nineties Teenager + My Unusual Crush | #Blogtober17 Day 20/21

  1. firstly, how much does Tyler look like your brother?!!! I was born in 81 so my teenage years were spent in the 90s. I have fond memories of scrunching AND defusing my mop of curly hair to get the ultimate curl, having used a ton of wella mousse…sometimes colour mousse if I’d been into superdrug! Nowadays I do everything in my power to straighten the curls!! My teenage crushes were Mark Owen and Jared Leto…some things never change, I still love Jared now 🙂 The 90s just makes me think of baggy jeans and checked shirts, I think I even bought a puffa jacket at one point too. and some of those platform trainers the spice girls used to wear!! I like to think I dress better now but I’m still obsessed with checked shirts and I love it that they’re back in now 🙂


    • He does, doesn’t he. And baby photos of my sister are identical to Lily! WELLA – that was the name, I was wracking my brain!! Lol at your crushes, I hated Take Take, I was in the East 17 camp, but yes to Jared Leto! I loved checked shirts too! x


  2. Haha, I was a teenager of the 90s too (I started secondary school in 1989) and I can relate to so many of these things. And I loved Spiras! We used to use them as straws to drink hot chocolate through 🙂 #blogtober


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