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The Body Shop has been one of my favourite beauty brands since I was a teenagers – all those fruity flavours, and come on, we all had those lip balms in sixth form, right?! The latest product I have been using is their Hemp Hand Cream, which I always keep in my bag. I have loved the Body Shop brand for such a long time, which is why I am sooooo happy to have been given the opportunity to share with you their most iconic products in my Christmas Beauty Gift Guide.


Honestly, after using these products, I felt like I’d come out of a spa! I LOVE them. You know how us mums hardly have time to take care of ourselves. Well, the way these products made me feel, you know they would make a great Christmas gift.

Vanilla Chai Body Butter


I was intrigued by the new festive Vanilla Chai range, I love a Chai Tea latte hehe. Well the Vanilla Chai Body Butter definitely had a pleasant vanilla scent, and the tub does says ‘with vanilla extract from Madagascar’. It is really moisturising, when I rubbed it into my skin, the dryness vanished, especially on my hands. They stayed soft for the rest of the day, plus my nails looked extra shiny. It promises 24 hours of intense moisture for dry skin, and I’d say it does do that. I love the smell, it really is lovely.

Spa of the World™ Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream


Again going with the coffee theme, I was interested by the Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream. It’s a firming body cream that has caffeine in it, that is supposed to firm and tone your skin. There is a pleasant scent to it, I can’t work out what it is, but it smells cleansing, if you know what I mean. It’s very refreshing when I put it on, it cools my skin and then there’s a tingling sensation, which must be the caffeine doing it’s thing. It’s a good, large-sized 350ml pot, so you don’t feel you have to be stingy when you put it on. Just smother it on all over! I put this on after I had a bath, and I felt sooooo good after, really refreshed. This gets a BIG thumbs up!


Next I am going to share with you the most iconic Body Shop products which are bloggers’ favourites.

Lip & Cheek Stain | Pink Hibiscus


I have been wearing red lipstick a lot lately, it’s just looks cheerful in winter with my wooly white hat on. It’s a shade that suits all skin tones too. What I like about this lip stain is that it looks more natural, like your lips actually are that rosy colour. I need makeup that doubles up as it’s always a rush in the morning, so that fact that this is a cheek stain too is a bonus.

Drops of Youth™ Concentrate


Drops of youth – doesn’t the name sounds so magical! I used this on my face together with the Vitamin C moisturiser below.

Vitamin C Moisturiser


I put the drops of youth serum on my face first before the face cream. The serum is really cooling, and then the Vitamin C face cream is refreshing on top. It has a really citrus-sy scent, and the colour makes you feel like, yes, I am putting Vitamin C on my skin. Whether I will look younger or not, I’ll let you know after I use this for a month. I definitely feel refreshed and my skin is glowing!


British Rose Hand Cream

As I mentioned early, I do use the Hemp hand cream. The British Rose variant has a lovely floral scent. It moisturised my skin and nails, and left my hands smelling of flowers. The tube is a really handy size to keep in your handbag too.

Strawberry Body Polish

The strawberry body polish does have a really sweet scent, like you want to eat it. Don’t worry, I didn’t. It smells sooooo nice though! My skin felt much smoother afterwards, I do like a good body polish, especially to use on my upper arms.

Fuji Green Tea™ Shower Gel

The Fuji Green Tea shower gel is amazing! I used it as a bubble bath, and it did make loads of bubbles. It had a really refreshing scent, and I think the light green colour gives it that spa feel. I felt so good after that bath, like I really had come out of a spa!

Shea Body Butter


Shea Body Butter – oh my god, this REALLY moisturised my skin. 48 hours of ultra-rich moisture for very dry skin, with hand-crafted shea butter from Tamale, Ghana. It absorbs really well into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy afterwards, Just soft skin that doesn’t look dry and smells nice. I love it. I won’t be complaining about dry skin any more, this stuff does the trick!

So that is my Christmas Beauty Gift Guide from the Body Shop, with products that I love which I can totally recommend. There are more wishlist ideas on The Body Shop website if you want more inspiration.

What are your favourite Body Shop products? What would you put on your Christmas beauty wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Sabrina x

In collaboration with The Body Shop


9 responses to “Christmas Beauty Gift Guide | The Body Shop

  1. I don’t tend to buy products from the body shop, but these look like such lovely gifts and perfect for stocking fillers. I’ll have to take a look in one of their shops for some Christmas presents.


  2. These sound amazing! Would love to try the lip stain as love red lips but want them to be more natural in winter 🙂 X


  3. Oh these are fab. I’m currently in gift shopping hell as I’ve drawn my sister’s name in the family secret santa , she’s so hard to buy for but I’m loving the body butters ,you know ,it’s easy to forget how good the body shop are – cheers for the reminder !


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