Me and Mine | December 2017

Here it is, the last Me and Mine post of the year. The last ever post of 2017. As it is the last one, we put on our fancy outfits for this photo – hey, it is New Year’s Eve, time to party 🙂 And yes those are Tyler’s bare feet and he’s holding a half-eaten garlic bread. Love it!


This month has been cold and long, with school never seeming to end. But we finally got there on the 22nd and were able to relax at last.

This month Tyler and Lily loved seeing the snow out of the window on that random Sunday. And of course all the presents they got this month.

Tyler loved singing Christmas songs, wearing his reindeer jumper, his book advent, the new Smurfs movie which Sky is now showing, having his friends come over on the last day of school and talking like he is out of a TV show “Er, a little help?” “I was like…” He’s loved filming Instagram stories on the school run. He also loved being driven to school instead of walking as it was so freezing in the last two weeks.

Lily has loved posing for photos at our photo wall, playing on the ride-on cars in the shopping centre, the Trolls Holiday movie, jumping on the trampoline at playgroup, dancing to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and ‘Holiday’ and even singing ‘Holiday’ – “Hab-i-day”. She has loved walking instead of being in the pushchair, pushing the buttons for our lift, running and playing chase with Tyler (more like stomping), and whizzing around Nana’s house with Grandpa’s walker. And how can I not mention my phone – it’s more like an obsession for her, she goes nuts when she sees it and HAS to watch videos on it. Good thing I saved all those Instagram stories.

Ganesh has loved Christmas and spending time with the family, seeing the Prodigy at the Brixton Academy, all the football on TV and Harry Potter, watching the whole series from Christmas Day to New Years. And of course seeing Tyler’s Christmas concert when he looked so uninterested!

Me, well, I have loved having my tree up and all the pretty lights, the family time when school was finally over, the mini-holiday when we stayed at my mother-in-law’s and then my parents, packing our bags like it was a holiday. Getting Christmas money and being able to go Sale shopping with it – I LOVE buying kids clothes in the sales, and clothes for myself too. On TV, I loved watching the Apprentice and watching the final (even though the contestants were a bit blah this year), and watching the Strictly Come Dancing final. And I have loved all the coffee breaks with Lily in Starbucks this month – Christmas drinks!

As the year has come to an end, I thought I’d put together all the Me and Mine photos for 2017.

Hope you had a lovely 2017 and made lots of happy memories. Thank you for reading my blog, and I wish you peace and happiness for 2018.

Happy New Year!

Sabrina x


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