Asda ‘Free From’ Easter Range | Review

It is Easter weekend in just a few days, you know that time of year when we all go chocolate egg crazy 😉 Unless you’re a vegan or have an intolerence. But did you know that Asda does a ‘Free From’ Easter range? Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free – which is great, but do they pass the taste test? That’s where we came in 🙂


Asda kindly sent us ‘Free From’ chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny, chocolate buttons, cupcakes, hot cross buns, as well as these gorgeous bunny rabbit mugs, little chicks, daffodils, egg hunt buckets and plastic eggs that Lily went nuts for – recognising them from all those YouTube videos, you know the ones I am talking about, right?!

So what did we think? We all tasted a bit of each product – myself, my husband, Tyler and Lily. The kids liked everything – to them chocolate is chocolate. As for myself and my husband, we could taste differences between each one, but I was pleasantly surprised. First I’ll share our thoughts on the chocolate eggs and bunny, which are all gluten, wheat and dairy free.

Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange Discs

This is a hollow chocolate egg with six orange chocolate discs. The ingredients include Soya, so I presume this replaces milk. I actually couldn’t taste the difference between this and normal chocolate, maybe it was a bit more sweeter – I would happily have eaten the whole egg (I didn’t!). Lily ripped open the orange foil and ate away. I tried one and it tasted good! Texture wise, the chocolate was softer and melted easily in your hands, that was the only difference.


Free From White Easter Egg with White Choc Buttons – £3

This egg came with 19 white chocolate buttons than Lily went straight for. They were soft, melted in her hands and taste wise they were okay, had a bitter after-taste so it wasn’t my favourite.  Good thing about white chocolate is that it doesn’t stain! The packaging is really cute, bright and colourful – definitely a kids egg.


Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavoured Truffles – £5

This one was my favourite. The dark chocolate tasted good, like cooking chocolate. It came with five vanilla chocolate truffles wrapped in gold foil. They were really nice, the inside was all gooey and yum. The packaging looks posh, so it would make a nice gift.


Free From Choc Easter Bunny – £3

Another kids one here that both kids were desperate to get their hands on! It’s a cute design, I was impressed with the mould and the detail. Perfect gift for a child who has a gluten or wheat intolerence.


Tyler broke the bunny and we ate it – it tasted similar to the first egg in the review – very sweet and melted easily in the mouth. Big thumbs up!


Free From Choc Buttons – 37p

In these packets you get 19 buttons which are gluten, dairy, wheat and egg free. They are tasty and sweeeet, tasted like cooking chocolate – texture was really soft, melted easily. These little packs are perfect for filling in egg hunt plastic eggs.


Free From Hot Cross Buns – £2

Moving away from chocolate, we tested out Free Free Hot Cross Buns – these are gluten, dairy and egg free and there are 4 in one packet. They look exactly like normal hot cross buns but feel heavier. Taste wise, they were heavy, and therefore very filling. A bit dry – I would say loads of butter and jam is required. Lily munched through them so they pass the toddler test!


Free From Easter Cupcakes – £2.50

Here we have 4 Easter cupcakes with icing and toppings (iced bunny ears and choc mini eggs).  These are gluten free only – there is milk and egg in the ingredients. They tasted good, only difference was they are not as spongy as normal cupcakes, quite heavy. The icing was delish, and Tyler loved the choc mini egg on top.


Well, testing out this range has really changed my opinion of Free Free products, well chocolate ones anyway – they taste alright! If you are after gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and egg free Easter products, Asda is the place to go. All of these products are available at Asda in Hayes.

I hope you found this review useful and it helps you with your Easter shopping!

Sabrina x


Disclosure: Asda kindly sent us these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. These are my own honest opinions as always.


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