Me and Mine | March 2018

Welcome to my first whimsical Me and Mine post! Every month we’ve tried to take a family photo, but always seem to forget and the photos get forced and rushed. And last month we didn’t take one at all with myself and Lily getting ill. But this month has been different as I’ve been dabbling with a bit of creativity over on Instagram, a bit of magic and whimsy. My rusty graphic design skills have been awoken and I just knew I wanted to try something different for our Me and Mine photo – so here is our first whimsical family photo!


It just came into my head – I said to Tyler, I know! Let’s do a photo of us all sitting reading a book, and then I’ll add in a tube train. He goes “YES!! I know, it can be an S stock train, no a District line, or a Jubilee line train!!” – it’s safe to say he was pretty excited to do this photo shoot. I added in a tree illustration to give the idea of the tube train blowing the leaves as it moves. Do you like it?

Anyhoo, on to what we have loved in March:

– We all became official Geoff and Vicki fans when we binge watched them travel to every single train station in the UK on YouTube All The Stations. It was so weirdly addictive!!

– Making whimsical photos on Instagram. It started with sleeping photos of Lily, but I’m now doing ‘awake’ photos and including Tyler in them too. I love using my graphic design skills, reminding myself of things I had forgotten and learning new skills through the internet.

– Discovering other whimsical Instagram accounts – I’m really enjoying see other Instagrammer’s creative photos and joining in with this creative community. It is lovely finding like-minded people who are interested in design.

-Not being ill! February was a terrible month, I had never felt so ill before, I had lost all my energy and the will to do anything! So it was nice to be back to normal and to be able to take the kids out and about again, to chat to people and feel human!

– The X Files – I have loved having Mulder and Scully back in my life! Yeah the storylines have been quite terrible, but I don’t care, watching this show makes me feel like I’m 17 again.

– Diet Coke/Coke Zero/Pepsi Max – I don’t know what has happened to me. I stopped drinking these drinks for years, but this month I have been craving this stuff and drinking it by the gallon. Every as I type this, my mouth is salivating. So wrong!

-Having one of my best friends visit all the way from Hong Kong, and the fact she may be my neighbour very soon (I can’t believe it!!)

-I can’t remember if this is from last month or this month, but Lily’s new tube map pushchair hood – I LOVE it! I feel so cool pushing her buggy around now!


– On TV – Travellers, football
– Starting to see the first bits of blossom on the trees
– Seeing the little monkeys develop. “Chocmine!” – that’s Lily saying Chocolate
– Spending more time and seeing the family more as I’ve been leaving work on time 🙂


– Pretending the bed is a tube train (his exact words)
– Looking at trains and train maps on Google images on mummy’s laptop
– Watching Secrets of the Underground, All the Stations, GWR trains, roblox train simulator and all that stuff on YouTube.
– Going on the Intercity Express train from Reading to Slough
– Going to Legoland and climbing nets up trees at Go Ape in Black Park
– Dancing on the sofas when mummy moves them around to sweep up

– Watching Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Minions and Peppa Pig toy videos and surprise egg videos
– Singing the Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine theme tunes
– Not having a hair clip in her hair
– Drawing on her feet and hands and on the floor, empty pen and crayon pots all over the floor, generally being a whirlwind.
– Wearing her George Pig hoodie (it was Tyler’s) – it’s all she wants to wear all the time
–  The playground, in particular the climbing frame and slide (nightmare)
– Her first ever ‘gym’ session at The Little Gym
– Calling Tyler ‘Dot’ – the most random nickname EVER!!

I could write so much more. But that’ll do for March. I haven’t mentioned the snow, because, you know, I DIDN’T love it! Though the cosy days indoors were nice.

I hope you had a good March. What were your favourite memories from the month?

Sabrina x



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