Me and Mine | August 2018

I think August has been the best month of the year so far, we have had so much fun with it being the summer holidays. There’s been an adventure nearly everyday, with some chill out days in between, and our family holiday at Sandbanks. And that’s where this month’s family photo was taken.

Me and Mine August 2018 Sandbanks Seaside

What we have loved this month (August):

– All the days out with my kiddos and videoing everything
– Catching up with my friends and their kids, and hanging out with one of my best friends who has moved near me all the way from Hong Kong!
– Our week at Sandbanks, the beach and being inspired to live minimalistically (is that a word?!)
– Going decluttering crazy and clearing out EVERYTHING old – it feels so good to get rid
– New clothes (and have space to store since clearing out)
– Watching Suits and Holby City

– Football (playing and watching it)
– Our holiday at Sandbanks and having a week off work
– Hearing Lily chatting more and more, having conversations with her
– Seeing Tyler happy and enjoying his holidays
– Having the kiddos visit me at work

– Sandbanks and the open top buses
– Bekonscot and the new bit there
– All the train days out, Epping Ongar, Didcot, Swanage railways, the London Transport museum, Acton Depot tour
– Having lots of adventures and crossing them off our summer planner
– Visit the ends of tube lines – the Victoria line from Brixton to Walthamstow, the northern line to Edgware and the central line to Epping

– Hanging out with Tyler and dressing like him
– Wearing Minions socks and sandals
– Building and destroying sandcastles
– Saying ‘MIND THE GAP!!’ whenever she sees the London Underground logo

We are sad that August is over, especially Tyler who keeps saying I wish it was still the summer holidays! But oh well, onwards and upwards, we will make the weekends in September as fun as possible.

Sabrina x


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