Siblings Project |February 2019

I thought I would write this month’s Siblings Project post a week later than usual so I could include half term. Half term which has actually made Lily even more attached to Tyler than usual. He’s literally her hero, she wants to be him. And he’s a lovely brother most of the time and plays with her, we always hear laughter and them chasing each other through the flat, jumping over the sofa, toys everywhere. Lily always has a glint in her eye as she encourages Tyler to be naughty. There are fights over the TV though, and when we play board games I think Lily gets jealous and likes to knock all the counters over. She wants Tyler all to herself, though she adores his three best friends, always excited when she sees them. She totally wants to be one of the gang. And Tyler is totally over-protective of her, I’m hearing “be careful, my little sister’s here!” a lot when we are in the playground.

This past month Lily has had a thing for posing with Tyler on these rocks whenever we go past them (like every day!).


I ordered this jumper for Tyler before Christmas, so when it finally came we had to do a fashion shoot.


It snowed on the first day of February (which was also the last day of my thirties!), and we found an untouched patch of snow behind our apartment block. We had so much fun playing in it.


We watched the Lego Movie 2 and these two loved it. Personally I think the first movie was better, but they though it was awesome.


When half term came, we spent the week at my parents and totally chillled out, having family time. Our one big outing was to Bekonscot Model Village and that’s all they needed to keep them happy. It was good to be outdoors and lovely seeing our favourite little trains whizzing around the model village.


They loved the playground, and they loved the activities in the 1930s themed playhouse. Lily is looking extremely happy here wearing the ‘Greatest Showman’ hat.


This photo cracks me up – Tyler was very annoyed at me making them stop for a photo when he wanted to chase the train!


The second half of half term had very mild weather, so the afternoons were spent outside in the grandparent’s driveway/garden. They loved getting out the outdoor toys out, which had been in storage since last summer.


On the Friday we met their dada for lunch, and stumbled across a geology exhibition at Uxbridge library. The kids loved sorting out rocks and took a shine to the lady, fighting to show her what they found.


Afterwards I took them to see the Uxbridge ducks and swans, and they had a little play at the playground.


Last night, while we were running their bath, Lily runs over to Tyler saying, “Tyler, you want a bath or a shower?” No reply. “TYLER YOU WANT A BATH OR A SHOWER?” No reply. “TYLER, YOU WANT SHOWER!” – she does like to boss him around!!

Sabrina x


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