Me and Mine | May 2019

I’m putting up one big extended family Me and Mine for May. Because this is Tyler and Lily’s family – it’s not just mummy and dada. It’s Aunty and Uncle, Nana and Grandpa, Ajee (who’s not pictured as she was living it up in LA when we took this photo 🌴). We always do a family birthday party for the kids in Nana’s garden, and this was actually the first time Tyler had a bouncy castle for his birthday as it didn’t rain for once!


The following weekend we had a family Eurovision party at our home and a sleepover. The kids found it so exciting, with floor beds and sofa beds made. The next weekend Ajee came back from LA with the Amtrak train set that Tyler has always wanted. And we ended the month with Tyler doing his dance show, and both kids being excited because Nana came along. It’s been a real family month, and we’ve loved it 💗


How was your May? Hope you had lots of lovely family moments too.

Sabrina x


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