Siblings Project | August 2019

Ahh the summer holidays, when all the days merge into one, you don’t know what day of the week it is or if it is even the weekend! It’s been lovely. And this month’s siblings posts has lots of days indoors and out. These are covering 15th July to 14th August 2019.

Starting with the lazy end of term days, and sunny afternoons in the playground after school. Last day of term was Friday 19th July.


Our first week was a lazy one at Nana’s house, sunny days in the garden – and that heatwave. HOT!


We had a sunny Sunday with Dada just hanging around our home town.


G took a photo of me taking a video of Tyler taking photos of the outside!


These are the photos he took:


The kids also carried on with our Tube Challenge, doing 10 stations of the Circle Line.


They did the BR bus is Slough – that was on Tyler’s ‘to do’ list.


A rainy day the next day – crazy weather.


They did Thomas Land at the beginning of August.


Had a baking bread day.


I showed the kids my primary school in Hillingdon.


And the playground nearby.


And most recently we went on our summer roadtrip – the kids loved it. This is in Somerset, when we stopped off in Taunton on Sunday 11th August.


We stayed in Newquay, and one day we got a bus from Newquay to Truro.


The kids loved hanging out at the Arcades in Newquay.


And even though it wasn’t super sunny, the two of them still had lots of fun in the beautiful Cornish beaches.


This post is up to the 14th August, so there’ll be more holiday pics in next month’s Siblings post, as we were away until the 20th August. That was a lovely long holiday 🙂

Hope you have been enjoying the summer too and making lots of memories.

Sabrina x


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