Siblings – February 2020

Every 15th of the month I write a Siblings update and look back at their photos over the past month. This month we have settled into our school/nursery routine, and Thursdays have become our Lego and library after school day.

We’ve had the Amersham Thomas Track weekend and many coffee shop dates. Make your own Pizza is a new fave activity, and after school colouring evenings in Gerrards Cross keep these two happy.

Lily often comes out with “I wonder what Tyya’s doing now?” when he’s at school, and she’s always saving snacks or a page in her stocker book for him – but forgetting when he is back after school.

A big change has been Saturdays where they both come to each other’s dance classes and it has made the world of difference. They love watching each other’s classes, and especially Lily. She now goes to dance class without needing a donut bribe, as she has her Tyya with her.

The other thing they love doing lately is sitting in the front seat when I’ve parked up at school in the morning and playing with the radio for 5 minutes. It’s like a little party before school.

These are our sibling photos from Jan 16 – Feb 15 2020:


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