A Year of Age 3

Well here it is, a year of being Age 3 for our Lily. The year she became a big girl and stopped wearing nappies. She started Nursery! The year of her pink puffa Peppa coat that she even wore in ballet class.

The year that started off with Peppa Pig world and followed on with so many exciting days out in the various school holidays, many frothy babycino and gingerbread man or sprinkles doughnut dates. She was captivated by Frozen 2 and now Elsa, Olaf and Anna are her world. The year she learnt to write her name and the year she loved singing songs from Nursery and colouring whenever and wherever she went.

Her year of being a 3-year-old ended in lockdown, with nursery at home and a new love for outdoor picnics and scavenger hunts. Disney movies caught her imagination and she learnt about all the magical princesses. Many happy memories for her year of Age 3.

I look back at these photos and think, wow, when did she get so tall?? My little baby 💖, I can’t wait to celebrate her turning 4 tomorrow.


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