Summer Photos of Slough, Berkshire | June 2020

I have this hashtag called #sloughitsnotsobad on my Instagram page and the idea is for locals to look for the pretty in and around Slough and tag their photos with the hashtag. There is more to Slough than just ugly buildings! I’ve doing a monthly roundup on my Instagram stories over the past few years, and I thought why not share them on here too? So at the end of each month, I will share the best photos and spread the positives from Slough.


My favourite from my own photos is this one from Upton Court Park. June was a sunny month and we even had a heatwave one week. I will remember having lots of picnics under a blue sky in June.

The wildflowers at Kennedy Park were looking bright and colourful, as they always do at this time of year.

This capture of the geese at Black Park is very striking!

The longer days mean more chances to capture an awesome sunset, like this one. The colours are gorgeous.

It almost looks like some sort of pineapple, but this is bright pink thistle at Baylis Park.

Lavender has been in bloom everywhere you look and the scent is amazing. I just love it.

I love seeing people’s pretty photos of the local area, and it’s great to spread some positivity.

If you are from Slough or the surrounding area and are on Instagram, do join in and tag #sloughitsnotsobad. You might be in the July roundup!

Sabrina x


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