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PR | Baking is a sudden new interest in our home ever since my kids watched the latest Junior Bakeoff series in January. It is so lovely to see them being inspired by other young people, and want to learn to bake and decorate. I have decided to document their baking journey on here, and we’ll do a kid-friendly baking activity to share each week. Creations that are simple and easy to for children to do. Starting with their colourful “Art Class Biscuits” that we created from a kit kindly sent to us by Craft and Crumb.

Art Class Biscuit Kit Review - Craft and Crumb

A great way to start to get into baking is to use a kit like this. No need to faff about with measuring ingredients, or trying to work out how much icing you need. So you can concentrate on the mixing, baking and decorating. All I needed to supply of my own was one egg, some butter and a bit of flour and icing sugar for dusting.

What’s in the kit?

Photo of contents of Art Class Biscuit Kit

In the box you get:

  • Biscuit Mix
  • White Sugarpaste
  • White Writing Icing
  • Round Cutter
  • 8 x Cake Colouring Pens
  • Parchment Paper

The kit come with bright and easy-to-understand instructions. The full ingredients are also listed with allergens in bold. Do note that the biscuit mix contains wheat. I won’t put the full instructions here as they come with the kit, but this roughly what the kids did with a bit of help from me

What did we need to do?

Children pouring biscuit mix into sieve

We sieved the biscuit mix into a mixing bowl.

Then mixed with softened butter (if you have forgotten to get your butter to room temperature, a top tip from @lundunmum is to grate your butter to soften it.

An egg was added in and mixed until it became dough.


There’s a short break here, when we wrapped the dough in clingfilm and put in the freezer for 15 minutes to make it more firm. Thanks to Junior Bakeoff, the kids understood and weren’t impatient. They played for a bit, before I took the dough out. I cleaned the tabletop and dusted with flour so we could roll out the dough and use the cutter to cut rounds. I preheated the oven at this point, and covered two trays with the parchment paper supplied.

Cutting circles out of dough with cutter

We got 8 rounds out of the dough. While the biscuits were baking in the oven, we got the icing ready.

The Art Class Bit

I cleaned the table and dusted with icing sugar. I rolled the fondant icing quite thin and cut 8 rounds.

Cutting fondant icing circles

With the white icing writer I dotted the biscuits and got the kids to stick on the round circles of fondant icing.

This is where we should have waited for the icing to harden. But in our excitement, the kids dived straight in with the cake pens and the icing was too soft to draw on. Top tip – wait 5 minutes for the icing to harden!

We learnt our lesson though, and for the next 6 biscuits, the cake pens drew on fine. This is Tyler drawing a banana ice cream cone design.

Boy decorating icing with cake pen

The kids designed 4 biscuits each. Lily did a “Bad Tempered Ladybird”, a flower, abstract shapes and an outdoor scene. Tyler did the banana ice cream cone, a Roblox man, a police car scene and a rainbow.

Photo of decorated biscuits

It really was like an art class.ext

How Long Did This Activity Take?

Altogether this activity took us about an hour and a quarter, including the 15 minutes freezer time, so it was a good way to spend some screen-free time.


Would we recommend this kit?

Yes I would totally recommend this kit, we enjoyed this activity so much. I love how it made baking simple for us novices, and how the pack includes a cutter and cake pens that we can use again. In fact, I had never heard of cake pens before – they are a game changer! Now I know we can draw designs on anything we bake. I give the kit 4 out of 5 stars, only 1 star knocked off because I think they need to add to the instructions to wait 5 minutes for the icing to harden before drawing. Apart from that, it is brilliant and the biscuits tasted good too. My kids cannot wait to bake again, and I am glad they have this new hobby.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Photo of two smiling children with their decorated biscuits

There are lots of other baking kits to choose from Craft and Crumb, it is worth having a look.

Sabrina x


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