Chobham Adventure Farm | Surrey

This Easter holiday I decided I HAD to do at least one proper day out after months of lockdown. I chose Chobham Adventure Farm in Surrey, as it’s just a half-an-hour drive from Slough and we had never been there before. Seeing their cute animal photos on their Instagram page also made us want to visit!


Location: Bagshot Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8DB

Parking: FREE car park within the grounds

Food: Yes you can purchase hot food, coffees, snacks etc to eat outside at your allocated picnic table. We just had snacks, ordering a latte, pom bear crisps and mini cheddars and it came to £5.

Toilets: Yes

Playground: YES! Outdoor play frames, bouncy pillows, large sandpit play area and zipwires.

Cost: Tickets are from £4.50.
We visited in April 2021 and paid £26 for the three of us (£6.50 adult + £10 (age 5-18) + £7 (age 3-4) + £2.50 online booking fee). You must book your ticket in advance and note it is not refundable.

Opening times:
Everyday 10am – 5.30pm
Your booking will be either for a morning slot (10am – 1pm) or an afternoon slot (1.30pm – 5.30pm)
The animal barn is open from 10.30am – 4.30pm.
The indoor play area is closed at the moment and will reopen on May 17th.


Chobham Adventure Farm Map

Now you may think this is just a farm… but it’s not! When you walk in you will see a huge outdoor playarea, it is like WOW! There are loads of picnic tables surrounding the play areas, and when you make your booking you will be allocated one table. This is yours for the session, when you can leave your coats if you need to, and where you’ll eat. We had such a good time here, we could not stop smiling even when we got home. It’s not huge and you can see the whole park from one spot, but it’s enough and for the price I think it’s reasonable. The bouncy pillows were the biggest hit, I mean you could even forget the rest of the park – that was the best!! But of course it was all good – let me tell you about each bit.



This is what you’ll see first when you walk in. A huge wooden playframe area, and a younger kids play area. My kids went straight for the big one and had so much fun, they were in there for ages. There are different levels, bridges, slide, climbing nets, zipwire and its just HUGE!


Separate from this is the younger kid play area which is great for toddlers.


Bouncy Pillows

The bouncy pillows were switched on at about 12pm when we visited and immediately every child in the park went there. It was amazing, and quite amusing that the rest of the park was empty at this point. The sun had come out (you would not have believed it had been snowing that morning!). My kids rushed over, took their socks and shoes off and ran in to jump on the pillows. There were two pillows, a smaller one for toddlers and the bigger one for everyone else. The laughter and the atmosphere was incredible, everyone was so happy!


Lily said it was like being on a trampoline. We were at this area for 45 minutes, they did not want to leave!



When we did not realise is there’s another hidden sandpit play area behind the bouncy pillows. You have to walk up some steps, or kids can crawl through a tunnel to get to it. We know for next time!


Animal Barn

Seeing the animals in the barn was a lovely way to end our session. It’s not huge so you don’t need much time to spend here, but it was nice to see the animals. There were goats (and baby goats!), donkeys, birds and guinea pigs from what I remember.


Tyler went and gently stroked the donkey, who had the most beautiful eyes.


The barn had a one way system and there were sinks with soap to wash our hands as we left.

The kids asked to go to the gift shop before we went home, and I treated them as this was our first proper day out in forever. Tyler got a fuel tanker toy for £4 and Lily chose Disney Top Trumps for £5.

We spent about 2 hours here, as it had been snowing that morning and we arrived at 11am. We could easily have spent longer, in fact with the afternoon slot you get 4 hours, so I would recommend going for that one. I can absolutely recommend this place as somewhere to visit with your kids – we loved it! Even the drive here is pretty, it’s basically another 15 minutes from Legolan, through winding country roads and past pretty houses. We’ll definitely want to revisit when the indoor play area opens also.

Let me know if you visit and what you thought.

Sabrina x


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