Kids Bedroom Style with Vertbaudet

ad – pr products We recently got bunk beds for the kids, as they had been asking for a long time. And with bunk beds came the exciting task of choosing single duvet covers! Cue Vertbaudet who have a beautiful home range and choice of kids and toddler duvet sets, as well as a gorgeous sleepwear range.

We had decided to choose duvet sets that suit the kids’ personalities, rather than matching ones. Tyler of course is all about transport, where Lily loves bright colours and rainbows.

Auto City Theme Duvet Set

Tyler’s duvet set is called the “Auto City Theme“, which has the sweetest road map design, and a sky design at the top. Both the duvet and the pillowcase are double-sided, with the road design on the other side. Vertbaudet do three sizes as they are a French company, but for UK sizing choose 140 x 200 with 50 x 75 pillowcase.

Roller Girl Theme Duvet Set

Lily’s duvet set is called “Roller Girl Theme” and it has a colourful pastel rainbow print as well as pom poms on the pillowcase! Lily chose this one because of the Trolls movie and the roller skating scene.

The other side of the pillowcase and the duvet is a star print.

Both set are super soft and made of high-quality densely woven pure cotton at 57 threads/cm2. The kids sleep really well in them, and I myself have slept in Lily’s bed and can confirm it really is comfy! The opening of the duvet is an envelope one, so you don’t have to worry about buttons or poppers.

Kids Pyjamas

The kids also have new pyjamas from Vertbaudet which they love! Tyler chose gamer pyjamas in size 9-10 and Lily went for Parisian style pyjamas in age 5-6 because it has a hot-air balloon on the front.

These pyjamas are so soft and comfy. I have washed a few times now and the colour and quality is still vibrant.

Both pyjamas are pure cotton, which I prefer as it’s kind to children’s skin. Lily’s pyjama bottoms are legging so they do have elastane, but other than that, it’s all cotton.

The kids absolutely love sharing a bedroom, and they are so happy with their new duvet sets and pyjamas.

I’ve popped the links above again, but do check out the Vertbaudet website too as they really have a beautiful range.

Sabrina x


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