Teddy’s Playtown Kids Birthday Party|Slough, Berkshire

Where to have a children’s birthday party in Slough? It’s a question I often get asked. I did write a birthday party blog post many years ago, it does need updating! Now, we have a brand new one to add to the list, and I can tell you they throw a fabulous party… and it is Teddy’s Playtown in the Queensmere Observatory shopping centre.

My daughter Lily asked to have her 6th birthday party at Teddy’s Playtown, after seeing a glimpse of the VIP party room last month – that was it, sold!!

It’s a 2 hour party slot. She invited a whole bunch of her school friends and they had the best time. The excitement when they first saw the VIP party room was incredible!! I mean, it’s glow in the dark, disco lights, music and it’s private – you don’t share it with the public.

Teddy’s Playtown is a great kids birthday party location for us Slough locals as in the shopping centre. It’s easy to get to, depending on where you live in Slough, you can walk there. There is car parking at the shopping centre car park. If you choose a Sunday like we did, it’s £2 all day parking.

We had a fab party host! She helped us set up our party decorations and basically do the whole party – serving the food, doing all the party games, putting the music and lights on, setting up the cake table, everything!

First the children played in the soft play area downstairs. This is shared with the public, but honestly it made no difference to us – the kids were having so much fun! If you choose a morning slot for your party, this is their quieter time so it’ll feel like you have the place to yourself.

We had our own table area with squash. It was somewhere to keep the kids shoes together, put presents on and for parents to sit.

We then headed upstairs to the VIP party room. A buffet meal was supplied that included margherita pizza, tomato pasta, halal chicken nuggets, chips and squash.

Afterwards the kids played in the role play area – they loved it there! With hindsight, I should have got the kids out of the soft play earlier so they’d have more time in role play – keep that in mind if you do a party here, as it’s flexible how you want to spread the time.

The VIP room is next to the role play area, which works quite well. We ended the party with Pass the Parcel and cutting the cake.

All in all, Lily was so pleased with her party. She tells me it’s just how she wanted it! All her friends were happy.

The price is £23.99 per child. For that you get:

– VIP party room ( all to yourselves)

– a party host

– 1 hour soft play/role play

– 1 hour in VIP party room (exclusively to yourselves) for a disco, the kids meals, party games and cake cutting.

– reserved table in the soft area

– unlimited squash

– childrens meals: margherita pizza, tomato pasta, halal chicken nuggets, chips

Check out teddysplaytown.co.uk for more information on the venue.

If you’re interested in doing a party here, email Teddy’s Playtown on: info@teddysplaytown.co.uk

I hope this helps anyone looking for a party venue in Slough! If you have any questions, pop them in the comments👇

* Thank you to Lily’s friends’ parents who gave permission for photos to be shared 💖

** Disclosure: We paid for the party but received a discount for social media coverage. All opinions are honest as always.

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